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Manibrandr Soundworks

Signals from the Heavens EP - 04. A Burning Frostflame

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"After a long winding and dangerous trip, they found where the technomancer resides. A small house in the middle of a forest clearing. The party was again attacked on sight, and after a short duel, they were able to weaken the technomancer enough to pacify them. One rest and recovery period later, they were able to talk to the technomancer. They are a surprisingly bulky looking vulpine creature with features that are neither feminine nor masculine. They introduced themself as Azrael, and explained that they had been training in this particularly dangerous spot for years, throwing themself into the harsh elements to toughen themself up in preparation for their next confrontation with the destroyer. They spoke in detail about their experience fighting the destroyer, what he looked like, and the fact that he did not succeed in acquiring the artifact. As it turns out, they were able to hold him off long enough to evacuate the town and half of their family before, in an exchange of very powerful spells, they wounded each other, forcing The Destroyer to retreat. Ever since then, they have been training to learn and master the kind of power he held, and had branched off into a discipline called 'Reality hacking.'"​
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Azrael Xelgard