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Manibrandr Soundworks

Signals from the Heavens Ep - 07. Signals from the Heavens ~Stargazer~

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"Isabel sat in solitude, contemplating the roads she took to get to where she is right now, and the road that lay ahead. She thought she was ready to deal the final blow, to finish off her estranged brother, and end the curse that had threatened to destabilize the multiverse. However, something inside her screamed to desist, a primal scream of the soul that compelled her to still her hand and lower her weapons during his moment of vulnerability. Because of that hesitation, the party lost the companionship of the spirits to him, and he's now well on his way to rewrite his own fate, putting a whole lots of worlds in danger of irrepairable corruption as a result, and she...she may have lost the friendship of Azrael. As she reflected on the situation she has found herself in, guilt wracked her mind.

Can she really have lived with the knowledge of slaying her own brother?

Does she even have a choice on the matter?

She stared more into the stars, as if asking for answers. Something from the skies, some sort of divine intervention that would allow her to avoid having to make such unbearably painful choices. She can't kill her own brother, she loves him too much still, despite his actions, but she can't let him reach his goal or untold amounts of lives will be lost forever. She found herself gazing into the Ratatoskr constellation, and within it, she has found her answer."​
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Isabel Merton, Escad Merton