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Manibrandr Soundworks

Signals from the Heavens EP - 08. At the Edge of Reality Lies Oblivion

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"Azrael looked at Isabel as they journeyed to the final outpost at the edge of the Universe they're in. They are still angry at Isabel for hesitation during their previous confrontation with Escad, her brother, but this newfound determination has made it easier to forgive her, and they have found it quite inspiring, in fact. This is despite the sheer suicidal nature of the mission they're undertaking, and the possibility of encountering incomprehensible cosmic horrors that could easily rip them from the fabric of reality and make it as if they had never existed.

Azrael never thought that they would ever get to see the place that were only ever talked about in legends, the Outpost of Time. It was the crowning secret treasure of their race that had allowed them to prosper, and it was the cause of their race's downfall from a universe-spanning intelligent spanning species, to a nomadic tribe living in a tundra planet in the middle of nowhere. It was a cautionary tale of greed, selfishness and the folly of playing with time travel so carelessly.

This mission may not even reveal what Isabel is looking for, and it may even be the last thing they ever do, but her determination spurred them on and gave them a sense of hope that they haven't felt in a very long time."​
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Valerie "Freyja" Grimaude-Valens
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Isabel Merton, Escad Merton, Nimbus Felisto, Azrael Xelgard