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  • I'm surprised the leftist furs group isn't back up by now? We really should get it back up and running.

    Would anybody else be interested in helping me remake it here?
    Solidarity with our Native Fur friends who have gotten the bad end of a lot of harassment lately.

    We have a long way to go in this society - transforming it is not a one sided affair! I hope we are all doing our part.
    Yet again amazed at Prolekult's new release: 'We Demand Tomorrow'! Pretty good analysis, very good presentation. Please watch, especially if you are concerned about the potential extinction of humanity and the destruction of our home.

    Link here:
    I do like how straightforward following someone else seems now. Before the update it almost seemed like it ignored my settings when I followed a person.
    While I do not see the new update as fatal - I am not sure the update was worth the hassle. Lets hope we can get things rolling again.
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    I think there's a severe lack of advertising for it. I always recommend it over FA (bc fuck FA lmao), but I'm only one person.
    Any other Battletech Furs here? I have been playing MekWars for the past week straight. Its amazing. I am getting beaten a lot but im having a blast, despite not being able to play in person.

    MW5 is pretty good for a 17 year comeback, excluding MWLL and MWO. Although deep down I really wish for MW2 and MW3 remasters along with their expansions, or a MechCommander 1 and 2 remaster. But until then im perfectly fine with enjoying the fantastic Battletech game HBS made and MW5.

    Flabbergasted there are no other Battletech/Mechwarrior furries here? There is no club so I assume there are none?

    (also rip to my War Thunder Club, nobody joined that 😂)


    Don't remind me of the link between Battletech and furries, I can't ever wrap my head around how many furries seem to be fans of this franchise.

    Looks like we are getting brigaded by right wing trolls. Do not feel required to take the bait, they just want to abuse optics to make themselves seem righteous.

    Nice to see the militancy of this site! Lets hope we can cultivate this space to something really special!

    Takes hard work, but it can be done!

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