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  • Made some changes to my 'sonas refsheet so it's reuploaded now.
    Basically just changed the flags, pronouns listed and fixed some writing to be more legible.
    Finally got my Picarto description set up for streaming

    Now I just gotta get OBS to cooperate and maybe I'll be able to stream this coming Monday
    Finally got my signature to look good with the new system.
    Though I kept it basic since I don't really use forums a ton anyway
    I got the Wolvden site up on another tab so I can keep an eye on the countdown even though it's literally more than a day away

    I wanna play so bad, I'm still debating what my main wolf should look like

    Tried to draw again today and absolutely nothing came out right.

    Hopefully it gets better tomorrow >.<

    Apologies to anyone online right now for the frequent repost.

    The display settings on my tablet just don't match up with my computer no matter what I've done with the settings, so I had to go in and readjust some colors I didn't like when seeing the uploaded version of Oliver (I'm really picky about the color green lol)

    Updated my About Me page and I'm really happy with it now~
    Love that I can add little images to it to brighten things up

    Got accepted for a new job!

    It's one I haven't done before so I'm really nervous but hey, it'll look good on my resume 😅

    Finally got a new ref done of my 'sona, after not drawing for... basically all of this covid period.

    Feel so much better now~

    Alright, new update.

    Mice are gone, as far as we can tell. We have found absolutely no sign of them since we caught a couple with some no-kill traps.
    So, hopefully we don't get any more of them.

    Also, school has officially started back up and I'm applying to be a supervisor at my job, so if I get accepted for the position I'll probably be down for the count in getting art up regularly, since I'd have to balance a class for school and learning entirely new things for my job. Thankfully I've been learning some stuff I'd have to do just by watching my boss' so hopefully the strain of getting a promotion (if they say yes, plz plz plz) won't actually be that bad.

    Also also, once I'm back into the swing of things art-wise, I'm planning on prettying up my Fem-Deception group and hopefully getting some more progress on making art and ideas for Taur-Time as well. I'm already planning out a second character that would fit FD and I really hope you all like her ^-^

    Until next update, hope you guys are having a good time.

    woo! you got dis cappn! grab dat promote!!

    Okay, so apparently we have house mice?
    We heard something in the attic for a few days straight about a week ago and called an exterminator but he took a look around up there and said there was absolutely nothing in there. Never had been, probably never will be something in there. We didn't believe him but we didn't hear the noise for 2 days, so thought maybe something just got stuck up there and finally found its way out.

    I heard shit again last night and kept my phone close to use as a flashlight. When I had been totally still for 5 mins, I heard a noise again and, no fucking surprise, a teeny tan mouse got caught in my flashlight. The shit we were hearing was it trying to create a path into my closet through the wall.

    Really pissed at that exterminator guy rn.

    sneeki squeekrs

    Sorry for the dip in content.
    Some things are just stressing me out and getting to me about irl stuff. Wanna move on in life and be more independent but things just keep forcing me to stay where I am.

    Will have more content to spam soon.

    ik the feel capn, hope it smooths out for ya

    Just made my first instagram account.
    Still trying to figure it out.

    Mouse Paws
    Mouse Paws
    ay fun fact there's a button in the top right where you can IM people.

    i found that out after five months > W>;; oops

    also if you use chrome there's an extension where you can use instagram! 

    I want to apologize for my absence on the site, however I may be away for a few more days.

    Early this morning our eldest dog passed away.
    He went peacefully and due to old age but we've had him since he was a puppy and he will be sorely missed.
    We've housed his 'wife' and their only pup as well, who currently live with my grandparents and still have to tell them and my brother that Raleigh is gone.

    He was a wonderful, smart, friendly dog who acted like a dad to each of our other dogs and even our cat who loved to sleep on him during the day.
    He's been with me through the end of primary school, all of middle and high school, and was there for me for every big change in my life.

    I don't hold a firm belief for where people and animals go in the end, but I hope he's happy and with family now as well.

    I just wanted to thank everyone who's following me on this site already. It means a lot to know people like my art, and I haven't been very active for the last few days due to work but I'm seriously thankful to have already gotten this much attention on a new site.

    If anyone ever just wants to have a chat, send me a DM. I'm always open ^-^

    I stg, my cat is the cutest dumb thing in this house.

    He always wants to come in my room and explore, but he doesn't want the door shut. He bolts into my room at the first chance and then when I close the door to keep the other animals out, he realizes the door is shut and cries.

    It happens every time, why does he not understand?

    I'm still hella sore from moving furniture but hopefully that's over by tomorrow.
    I open for work tomorrow so after like 7:30 pm PT, I'm hoping to be able to stream me finishing up a NSFW commission from over on fa.

    If I'm feeling up to it tomorrow then I'll post a stream announcement (first one yet, hoping it's simple).

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