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  • I frequent a retro music club called "Totally 80s". Every time I stroll in I'm smothered in bellyrubs and hugs. I somehow get the impression that everyone regards me as the club's good luck charm/mascot.;-D
    A thought just popped into my mind. Is it me or is the "Ducktales" version of Kit Cloudkicker simply a reskinned Baloo from "Talespin"?
    I'll see any movie with a bear in it, even junky ones like "The Country Bears" movie of years ago. Gotta support my ursine brothers on the big screen! ;D
    Tonight, I was at a club and someone called me a "kersnuggling fiend". Since I'm known for my teddy bear huggles, this is something I DO NOT DENY! ;D
    The bad thing about picnicking with a friend when you're a bear is that park rangers always accuse you of stealing the picnic basket you brought with you. ;/
    Interesting thing is that when animals are the villians in the horror movies I watch (like the 70s cheesefest "Grizzly"), I find myself rooting for the animals rather than the humans. Go figure! ;/
    You humans with your closets of clothing! Why do you need them all? We bears have OUR clothing grow on us naturally. Of course I wear jeans to keep me modest but what else do I normally need? ;)
    Hello. I'm Bartholomew Theodore Orso, your friendly neighborhood grizzly bear. Welcome to my world!
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