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  • Heard that everyone's favorite anti-pollution owl Woodsy has a Twitter account. I thought he always taught us to GIVE A HOOT, not GIVE A TWEET.;-D
    Recently bought the shooter "Contra: Rogue Corps". I know that by and large it's been pilloried in the reviews but what interested me about the game was that I could play as a brother bruin-the cyborg panda Hungry Beast.;-D
    Never had any cubs of my own, and though there are times when I wished I could have chosen papabearhood, I am reminded that I like my order and my quiet.
    I've found rabbits to always be nervous, even when they know we apex predators won't eat them. My guess is that they're like this because they're at the bottom of the food chain-and know it! ;/
    I hear that there a number of "wild bear simulator" games for a variety of gaming platforms. I haven't had the chance to play them and rate them for authenticity though.
    I don't get your human appropriation of the word "bear" for a "gay man". It's caused all of us ursine type bears to be labelled as "gay" when many of us aren't. :/
    We bears don't have any problems with so called "Karens". When one comes along, we don't tolerate them, we EAT 'em! ;D
    The DJ I work with on Tuesday evenings has a "yacht rock" block in his set. It's a block of four soft rock songs from the latter 70s and early 80s. He often dresses up as a yacht captain for the set and today I went shopping to find something to go along with what he wears.


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    My schooling years were, shall we say, unique. I was one of the few anthros in the schools I attended (still didn't get bullied very much because of my teeth and claws ;D).
    About to head on over to Totally 80s for my usual Sunday evening shift-another day, another few hundred dollars in tips.
    As a bear I take no pleasure from hearing news that one of my brother bruins has been sprayed by a skunk. Even a dumb ursine like me knows better than to confront an animal equipped with twin loaded tail cannons!
    Was browsing in my local Gamestop store today when I came across this.


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    With all this My Little Pony business with cute horses and their "cutie marks" I was wondering why there wasn't an equivilant for bears. I then realized that there already WERE cute bears with "cutie marks"-they were called The Care Bears.;-D
    A conga line broke out in the latter half of my set tonight. Naturally I couldn't resist joining in! conga_003.png
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