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  • Yes I liked Harry Potter as a kid but I didn’t make it my entire personality like some of y’all so it’s easier for me to move on. For example I have an ex that is so into HP that she didn’t want to watch anything else even remotely like it because quote “it’s not Harry Potter.”
    A lot has happened since my last status update here. My girlfriend @VacantVisage is now my fiancée! She came to visit me for Christmas and ended up moving in with my family and I! We are currently trying to find jobs. Bleh.
    On average a person dies from COVID-19 every 30 seconds in America but sure, your right to not wear a mask and gather in big groups is more important! 

    I know there’s much more important things to worry about but it makes me sad when the lesbian flag isn’t included in people’s pride posts/art/etc. Here, this is what it looks like. Please don’t ignore us. We’re an important part of the lgbtq community just like everyone else. View attachment 15456

    When I was a little kid my mom took me to see Spirited Away at the movie theatre and I was so scared that we left during the movie. I haven’t watched it since although I want to now. As an anime/Studio Ghibli fan today that experience is too funny too me. Poor baby me.

    Don’t know what’s greater; being in the top 7% of Taylor Swift listeners on Spotify or that I listened to 666 artists this year on the site. 

    Xerneas is such an underrated Legendary Pokémon in my opinion. I hardly ever see people talk about it online like I do some of the other Legendaries. It’s so elegant and beautiful. 🥺

    Therapy was good, it was a 30 minute session this time. I told her about my approximately one day long job and the panic and crying so that was fun stuff. We talked briefly about Wren coming to visit in December and how my mom approves. 🥺 

    Me, realizing I have two identical mlp throw blankets that had been buried under plushies for years: haha poggers

    Yesterday was so uncomfortable for me. I wanted to cry all of the time, I barely ate and I was so scared. Pretty pathetic considering it’s just a job and plenty of people would kill for a job like this. I sobbed to my mom during my last break telling her that I couldn’t do this. I’m so heartbroken and ashamed of myself and I feel like a failure but I’ve never felt so shitty mentally and physically. I really wanted to like this job and do something that made me and others proud but damn.. I’m at a loss. 

    Earlier tonight Ellie heard me sneeze in a really high pitched way and came from my parents’ room to come see if I was okay. 😭🥺😅 My mom said that Ellie was getting loved on by her and her ears perked up when she heard me. In seconds I could hear her coming. Such a sweet girl, she makes me laugh and feel so loved. 

    I found another of Silver’s teeth! This one was on the side of the cat food bowl. Kitten teeth are so insanely small and it’s so sweet. I had to show my mom again. I’ve always had this knack for finding little things unintentionally. It’s happened so much that I think I have a 6th sense. I must’ve dropped off a handful of things off at the lost and found at college over the years. 

    I’ve had to block like 10 tumblr mutuals already because their accounts got hit with that ray ban glasses scam post where their account tags a bunch of their followers in the post that contains a virus or whatever 

    Haha, Portal and Portal 2 are 80% off on Steam right now, $2 each. It would be a shame if I were to pass up this opportunity but I also struggle with puzzle games.

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