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  • I am listening to Max Stirner's Ego and His Own on Audiobook and while to say it has convinced me to look at things differently is contrary to what it is about, I will say it made me start to draw again. I much like to listen to audiobooks. But what I am going to do is possibly switch over to posting sketches for a few weeks. See how I feel.

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    I have my updates grouped to include a guest story section. Some of these stories are stories I have already written and/or that I want to rewrite.
    Some people I have approached do not appear to be interested in having a re-write and I also have my policy of not wanting to write with someones OC or Sona without having them RP it. However, not everyone is comfortable with RP. In this case, I will make a totally new story and have you, the readers, comment in saying what should happen next in the story.

    This will go accordingly with the rules below:

    Rule 1: Patreon, Kofi, Subscribstar, etc. subscribers may get priority over non subscribers.
    Rule 2: Please keep to the story theme/ story type.
    Rule 3: Please keep to the setting theme.
    Rule 4: First person to comment directs what goes on next in the story
    Rule 5: Keep it within the site's aup and/or content policies and applicable legalities
    Rule 6: The word count minimum must be reached before the story can be concluded by suggestion.
    Rule 7: No death of the main character allowed.
    Rule 8: Keep it within the maturity rating set.
    Rule 9: The character's speciesm, if it is not already set by me, can be set by the first commenter in the first part of the story or I can randomly set it if specified.
    Rule 10: The story will remain open to add to until the minimum word count.
    Rule 11: Once the maximum word count is reached, if the story is still going on I will conclude it.
    Rule 12: Other rules as specified in the story post.

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    You get there by eating 1 and 1/11th lbs of candy. Then you must take a chocolate candy bar, put gumdrops on it, then wrap it in red licorace. You stuff this into your mouth not swallowing it, then you recite the words with your mouth full "Candy at nine day years." Then the portal will open to the candy world. Getting back, though, is a bit more difficult.

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    Alright, when I do stories with anyones OC character, I will only do it if it is based on an RP. Otherwise, I will make my own characters and worlds.

    So, for this story as a template maker, this is springboarding off of Alan's Candy Dreams that I started to write for :iconalansoftbelly90:.


    I have it on the schedule to start working on the Candy Dreams story starting this week. This presents a crossroads for me. There's two ways I want to do it: Either, I will need to make my own characters and write it through, or I will gather a group of RPers and write a story based on their reactions to finding themselves in a candy or dessert eating and exploring situation.


    It is a novelette planned size. That is up to 20,000 words. It may not be that long but I will write and release it in Chapters or Episodes. I can write 7500 to 20000 words in 15 to 40 hours so it isn't going to be a quick thing.


    If I get at lease five folks that will sign up for it then I'll do the RP. I'm not sure if I'm going to include my own character. If so, it'll be four other folks and myself.

    However, if not enough folks sign up for it then I'll go ahead and just write the story differently with my own characters.

    Sign up by commenting below. The maximum amount of characters is dependent on what will be enough for an RP. 10 is probably too many (if indeed ten sign up).

    I will also be asking those that were in the original if they want to show up and RP it. It'll be on my discord server in a special room that I'll post here so folks can show up and see it live. Albeit those that aren't in the RP will only be able to view the RP without being able to say anything into the special channel.

    Those That have signed up:


    The OCs that were in the original:

    Skibs (One of My OC Dragonsonas)
    Alan (OC of :iconalansoftbelly90)
    Reikasuya "Rei" (OC :iconReikasuya:)
    Tabby (OC of :iconmoney8giver8)
    Tubby T (OC of :iconfurrific1:)
    Mir (I do not know who's OC this was???)

    Here's the original chapter outline.

    41 Chapters

    XXX I. Lolli-pop Plunge
    XXX A. Alans Candy Dreams
    XXX B. Skibs the Chocolate Miner
    XXX C. Orange Juice and Cookies
    XXX D. Pinked and Iced (Tabby)
    XXX E. Indignantly Indulged (Reikasuya)
    II. As the Candy Flies
    XXX F. Eating your way home XXX
    The creatures make their way toward a place they think might be to home, leading them deeper into the Candy World. Alan decides to eat his way to the center of the world so they follow his bulbous body and have to switch places several times when they become too big to move.
    XXX G. Fruit Punch Core XXX
    Alan punches his way down into the core and bobs around very full but takes sips of the warm fruit punch core. They find various pieces of fruit bobbing around and islands of floating fruit. They get on one such island, unsure of how to get out. Then, they take a propulsive way out.
    H. Volcanic Fruity Mountain
    They get popped up through the center to a fruity volcano.
    I. Chocolate Parasailing
    The adventurers decide to get ahead quicker by hangliding down through a valley in the mountains.
    J. Mir the Chocolateer
    Mir finds the band amongst the mountains and with reservations, decides to help them to the land of Just Enough.
    III. Just Enough
    K. Confectionary in Country
    The band find themselves in the countryside and visit a candy farmland and get some goodies with hospitality of the farmer and his hands.
    L. Confectionary in Town
    They visit the town where they are given a tour by a young set of enthusiastic residents and end the day by dining in a small restaurant.
    M. Confectionary in Bar
    They visit a roadside bar along the way to the city and get very stuffed (and wake up with some additional company).
    N. Confectionary in City
    The hustle and bustle of the capital city overwhelms them. They find themselves hopping from place to place, eating their fill.
    O. Confectionary in Royalty
    They get to know a member of the royal family and get taken to dine with the king.
    P. Confectionary in Parsley
    They are taken west by parsley train and eat till sleep to the lands of indulgence.
    IV. Indulgence
    P. Indulgent Pickle
    They are picked up and carried by the police and think they are in trouble. It turns out the police don't think they've eaten enough.
    Q. Indulgent Cruise
    Their social worker thinks that they need to take a vacation. This doesn't mean from eating.
    R. Indulgent Catering
    They are in route to a local venue when they stop to rest along the way and find themselves catered by a full roadside service that is a civil service.
    S. Indulgent Restaurant Square
    A few (maybe hoppy) fellows tug them along for some restaurant hopping.
    T. Indulgent Ice Cream
    The dessert district puts in a special draw to the band of adventurers, especially the loads of ice cream shoppes.
    U. Indulgent Quixotic
    The Food Idea Mongals take them in their transportation caravan toward the land of the candy growers, stopping in every city to do cookouts.
    V. Land of the Candy Growers
    V. Dilemma of the Dirt
    They find a land of candy growers but meeting with one shows the problem with growing candy.
    W. For the Candy Creature
    They must fight the candy creature but instead find out that the candy creature just wants something to eat.
    X. Eat 'em up
    The candy creature is nearing the end of his days and being entirely made up of candy would like to have a unique end in their bellies.
    Y. Harvest Time
    The candy sprouts up quickly and in droves and the adventurers are petitioned to eat their fill of the surplus.
    Z. Skibs go home, you're juicy
    The golden circle of candy magicians turns Skibs into a juice filled creature. They must go on to the golden circle near the middle of the whole land to get a cure.
    VI. The Candy Ingredients of the Homely Staff
    AA. Lollies and the Lick
    They meet the lollicat, and Rei engages him while they go away.
    AB. Licorice Ropeway
    The ropeway is falling apart and Tabby must bond with it to hold it together. The licorice bird monster does not like this.
    AC. Chocolate Sage Plant
    Mir takes on the chocolate plant sage.
    AD. Caramels of Paradise
    Tubby T takes on the carmel stream but the caramel candytaur keeps him at bay.
    AE. Gums and Gummies: Stolen by the Gummy Bear
    Skibs is kidnapped by the gummy bear.
    AF. Hard Enough, but Candy
    ALan hardens tries to turn the soft gummy bear into a hard gummy bear in order to free Skibs. Skibs eats the gummy bear and his body is restored.
    AG. The Homely Staff Melts
    They join up again and find the homely staff but it is melted and can't send them home.
    AH. Candy Passage of Gold
    They take the passage through the golden chocolate candy to go to ask the candy magic council to help them.
    AI. Candy Central
    They enter the city of candy central and the guards won't let them in.
    AJ. Slurpy Solution
    They combine their powers to melt the guards and the candy cell.
    AK. Point of Priviledge
    The magic council has other matters to attend and the bands needs are not as important.
    AL. So Far Away
    They muse about being homesick and a councilmember gives them a way to go.
    AM. Between Pop Rocks and Hard Candy
    They get the jeweled rocks and learn where they need to go with them.
    AN. Floating past the Ringed Precipace
    They get back into the river and float past the ringed precipace and go back to their homes.

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    We stayed at conneaut lake park hotel. One day I went to the arcade. Played a few games. Watched some kids playing the quarter coin game. One kid scored a bunch. I put my arm on his shoulder. He pushed it off. They left. #twitterature #story #excluded

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    Vicky the chubby squirrel started working at the factory. It was getting hotter in there so she wore her shorter shirt. Her belly poked out. She didn't care. She was done with the factory. Came in late a few days. Boss came by. She had to change. #twitterature #furry #fat

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    I watched this video:
    and it builds on the article I read about limiting who you follow on social media. So, I'm going to do a trial with that and see how it goes.

    So, a quick run-down without even looking at their artwork or anything, just going by the memory. These are those that I'd follow across the internet. Subject to change. Not even 50 watches.

    Duo Radon
    Kelvin the Lion

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    Update for a minute. I have gotten most everything up to date. What has been the most stressful for today is my personal webserver. I have it updated now. I went with wordpress over what I had before. I won't name it but say it was less straightforward to update. I like wordpress. It is such an easy site to work with. I am not paying for the website as it is my own home server so is with my internet connection and should be available so long as I have power. So, that'll be my true fall back on website. My patreon was either not approved or something else happened so I am waiting on that to be approved. I submitted my first story to it that I submitted everywhere else. I tried to record my reading of The Call of the Ancients but I forgot to click the archive checkmark on twitch so that didn't get recorded. So, I have my big bad vore story that I read aloud on my youtube channel and I will put it up on my wordpress website. I am not sure how I'm going to set it up. I got a wiki widget installed on my wordpress siste and that will work well for making it a central access for references to my stories when I get some stories written. I think I have several references to setup but I'll put the wiki on my organization/to do list. Right now I am going to go work on my pokemon organization for a while. I wanted to do that. Getting the database ready on my wordpress took the most time because I had it setup wrong. So here is a few links to my stuff.

    First is the link to the website: http://silverstream.ddns.net

    Me reading A big bad vore story:

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