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Recent content by ChocolateQuill

  1. ChocolateQuill

    Poetry Furs

  2. ChocolateQuill

    BIPOC Fur Hangout

    Hi everyone! I will be updating this group ASAP. I've been sUUUUUPER busy <3
  3. BIPOC Fur Hangout

    BIPOC Fur Hangout

    Welcome to BIPOC Fur Hangout!
  4. Tonya_Fennec.png


    Sketch Commission for Tonya_Song on Twitter ! Of one of her fennec fursonas. 
  5. Rabbit Hop!

    Rabbit Hop!

    Chibi for Toony_Rabbit on Twitter!   
  6. AdorableMagic Chibi

    AdorableMagic Chibi

    Chibi comm for Adorable.mxgic on Twitter! These will be priced at $25 going forward!
  7. Shurigo


    Indigo Cosplaying as Shuri from Black Panher!
  8. Batcat


    Insplosion painting for a buddy
  9. Epicurious Ref!

    Epicurious Ref!

  10. Cheshire Indigo

    Cheshire Indigo

    “The proper order of things is often a mystery to me.”


    Danji Isthmus and I have collaborated to create 2 gryphons and will donate the proceeds to The Movement for Black Lives! I sketched, they lined, and we both colored one! PRICE: $40 for full size front view w/palette. BUT For $60, you'll receive a headshot of the character from us both! *Note
  12. Adoptables


    A folder for adoptables! Will be marked OPEN or CLOSED 
  13. [OPEN]: Autumn Joy OTA

    [OPEN]: Autumn Joy OTA

    Offer to adopt! Monetary offers only. No trades! I've had this adopt sitting around for a while.
  14. ChocolateQuill

    When I get to 100 followers on here I'm gonna do a raffle

    When I get to 100 followers on here I'm gonna do a raffle