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  • Anything I've been making of my own accord, such as tracks like Digital Railroad will remain free to use, but I need to make a big change in what I'm doing if I plan to do music for digital media as a career. I'm going to be starting a Bandcamp soon and anything new I make of my own volition will go on there. I will also be taking my best of Spring/summer 2019 and making an album out of them, some of my best character themes included in them (artwork from artists I have not received direct written permission from will not be used in the albums, and neither will stock photos).

    As outlined in my TOS, I do own the rights to the music I make, but what is not stated on there is that I will still be receiving written permission from the people I made them for to sell the tracks for listening purposes (only the original commissioner may use the song in their projects or for other purposes, as they own the rights to do so).

    If there are questions or concerns please comment below.​
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