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  • Hewo I found the status! Everything is the same as ever but I need to relearn a bit for this site. I am still gonna be here but I may or may not be busy, however I will try to post work I have not posted yet.
    I decided to try this out, I made a headshot/icon commission on Google form. If you're interested in one here is the link! 


    So how this would work, you would fill this out --make sure to include a way for me to contact you-- and when your done I will dm you to continue the commission more. This is a test to see if this would be good for small comms like this. I may add this somewhere on my profile so I don't have to post again. ;3;

    Soo there's this one black fish who usually stays in the back of the tank or at least away from the front. The following weeks I realized their starting to be in the front a little more often and even not shy away like before. This fish is a shy type and hard to take a picture of since he blends in with the tank.

    I also learn he has one bad eye, when I mentioned it to my mom she said "yes he knows he's ugly", I thought "but I think he's still a cutie like the rest", I said it cause I always wondered if it was just a light flashing on his eyes like a cat eyes would do or it's his actual eye color, today he has one white pupil and one black. 

    I always check on these fish and wave at them as a form of communication since I am sure they can't hear me or understand, usually the big orange fish waves back but the black fish (with the bad eye) is starting to do the same, and more closer to the front of the tank. I thought it was cute and feel more connected with them, like the fish was getting use to me around the tank.

    The original owner only got these fish for decoration and never came by to see how they are doing or nothing, never fed them and even my two siblings wouldn't feed them right, either over feed them or not at all. Also the owner --when I got back from traveling from my home state-- told us to feed them 3 days each since the tank filter would get dirty, I was already feeding them one a day --I would of done 2 times or 3 a day if I had money to spare-- so I decline that cause I never wanted to starve the fish for 3 days, and continue the regular feeding schedule I always do, but I make sure I put enough to where it's not too many or too little, just right so everyone in there can eat.

    Idk if this is kinda like a vent or something but I'll be honest.

    I hate it how poeple will sound so "smart" --Rudely correcting-- to someone that did something wrong and not tell them they did something in a mature way, or what they did to feel like their being mature.

    For example cause this happened to me. I messed up on a OTA thingy cause I was trying to put every way for anyone to offer, writers, musicians, artist, or someone's who just wants to autobuy. There was a tiny mistake on there I didn't catch when I made it and some random person was so rude about it instead of just taking it slow with me.

    By "taking it slow" I mean like dm'ing me if theres a problem then openly saying something like their doing something right. When I said "I went on ther and fix the mistake, sorry for that tiny error I have no idea it was like that", days later I was never apologized on or anything, tho I don't care about this stuff but I want to at least tell people my mistakes are not on purpose and that if there is anything wrong come let me know in a mature way. I already deal with this stuff at home and school and it's bad, mostly at home since it started there.

    I have a thing there "I can't make any big mistakes nor small, I want to be shown I am mature enough to do things on my own and can take punishment", when I forget to do the dishes or accidentally not wake up for school, ya know those small mistakes we/I don't do on purpose, my mother will take it as I was doing it on purpose and talk my ear off how I need to be more mature and crap, basically making me feel bad about what I done.

    So when I'm online I want to escape from that feeling but now I know I can't. Even if their just tiny mistakes I get a panic attacks and sick from the worry of being looked down on when I do mess up. I know that "everyone makes mistakes", I just can't handle that feeling every time cause I'm not use to it, makes me feel sick in the stomach like I ate rotten food or something. 

    So I beg to anyone for the sake of my health and mental state, please take the reports slow. If you see anything on my profile or maybe about my actions a bit off come talk to me first in a calm mature way, I would love to fix a problem in a balance state of mind instead of worrying to much about everything, then panicking a lot.

    Thank you for reading, tho you didn't have too but ya did so heres a cookie *gives ya cookie and hugs ya*

    How do you edit the mature rating thing? I can't find it anywhere, help I'm lost :<

    of course! hope it helped somewhat. :)

    I feel bad for not having time to feed the fish in the morning

    When I feed them the orange one that usually stares at you was asleep, but the algae eater decided to wake him up when I put some food in there, he ended up getting up like someone who dislikes to wake up early in the morning sooo he's either mad at me or the algae xD

    Who knows maybe because it's not part of our routine lol

    He will get over it soon 

    Edit/Update: He's fine now 

    This is the second time I has a dream of my fish trying to eat/kill each other even tho I fed them.

    The second time I thought it was real and " on " said "I had a dream that this will happen..."

    I'm afraid of losing them cause they keep me happy just by looking at them all relaxed, they do well together cause none of them hurt each other on purpose --besides the disabled one who keeps being put in his place by the so called Fish king in the tank--.

    I don't have people in the house to keep me relax for so long and I am miles away from friends and family who are close to me, so the fish is kinda filling in that gap in company that I am willing to open up too then my mother and older sister.

    I am scared to lose them..

    No one likes the mean uncle fish in the back- TwT

    Here is a wip for my Five Tailed Kitsune, still doesn't have a name yet but I am on the debate to wither make the main part of his fur white --originally-, or do black --cause I wanted to make a black version of him but I am unsure if I want to do it on paper--

    I think I ate to many shrimp crackers...  =w='

    First time trying them so it may take time for my body to get use to them, ooor I'm not much of a cracker eater

    I don't know why I'm sleepy right now, maybe because of the weather but it didn't do much today. Along with that the left --my left-- side of the head around where the neck and head meets  and around the ear feels like I have a small pain

    I'm getting dizzy, may take a short nap then get back to drawing. Once I drink my tea!

    I want to play a --button broken-- uick game but I don't got Game pass and live for the Xbox, most games I like to play has something to do with it 😞

    Edit-  Wait a second how did my name change to purple? I thought only people who paid for the sight can do that what? ._.

    Edit2-  Nvm I figured it out

    Anyone have a Tanuki character --preferably-- I can draw with my Tanuki?    Her name is Tana-ki --Female, 25, a tanuki trying to live in this harsh world and pay rent--

    I haven't drew her in awhile so I mostly will make sketches and such, if you have an idea what the interaction will be feel free to put it in the comments! Tho I may not get everyone but I'll try to get everyone.

    Tana is a interviewer and sometime hates her job but it's worth the risk, it was the only job for her anyway. She can however explode in anger IF triggered enough, and can worry a lot when things go downhill.

    View attachment 10313View attachment 10312

    I realized I never came up with a design for my God of Creation, at this point I may keep her like this vv 

    I haven't drawn her or got her anymore art for a long while. Also she has four ears and is short like a toddler, don't call her a child she is decades older then all of you. 

    I may get her more drawings soon tho, idk when. I also don't know if I want to add any more details to her or keep her like this instead.

    Art by Wiishing 

    Fun Fact​


    I actually have a character --who wAS a feral but now she's a anthro and wip--, who is like a canine line species.​

    She has long ears, a long medium size tail, and her entire body is the same color as fire! She can turn into a fire-y canine and people wont be able to touch her due to her extreme heat levels her fur gives off. She's always glowing too so being sneaky isn't really her thing, touching anything flammable is also a no go for her if her fur is very hot --her fur is always hot--. Her fur also always sticks up like flames too! Her eyes is completely white and also glows too.  She has a lot of fire abilities she uses in combat.​

    May make her a forgotten villain of flames cause she is a antagonist and not a complete "mortal". She's like a demi cause she can still die or be weakened IF you use her weakness on her which is of course we all know the answer... anything that puts out fire or contains it.​



    Forgotten Villains in my series for Curse of the Dragon are a group of Villains that exist in the past, but are forgotten by mortals since these villains are caged away in their own home which happen to belong to a civilization until they --the villains and people of the dark lands-- took over. They don't have the ability to leave that world unless there is some portal or something like that.​
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