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  • As fun as those horror monster designs were to make I'm so glad to finally be done now so I can relax and draw my silly cartoon animals again.

    Sorry for taking a bazillion years to actually post an image I've been working on a Halloween project with monster designs that are much less cutesy an cartoony and that's taking a bit. I'm hoping over this weekend to get close to finishing that up.

    Gonna try to go out tomorrow and pick up the majority of things I'm still missing to get my hamster. I did finish their DIY enclosure which ya know... involved just cutting out a big chunk of the cover of a storage bin and adding mesh but that's actually harder than it sounds (see attached photo).

    View attachment 14376

    I don't really have anywhere else to post this since its like related to nsfw furry content. Basically I'm not liking the weird increase in puritan type Twitter furries finding selfies of people that either draw or consume fatfur content to prove they aren't fat enough to use it as a coping thing when:

    a) Unlike say your race or ethnicity how much you weigh can actually change.
    b) A lot of people with food/weight anxieties use this type of work to help them feel less stressed about it. You can't really tell who has an ED from their waist line, dude :/

    And yeah that's not even getting into how its really up to debate if that type of content is harmful at all. Like an impossibly fat cartoon deer person is about as close to fetishizing a real fat human being as vore is to fetishizing swallowing an actual small animal to get off sexually. I feel like there is an overlap between fatfurs and chubby chasers but like in the same way there's an overlap between being a furry and a zoophile. Sure some real sacks of shit use "this is my innocent fetish uwu" as a cover for their awfulness but most folks into that aren't predators and its really messed up to suggest everyone is guilty by association due to obvious outliers.

    While I don't consume the content myself, I empathize with those with ED that use that kind of content as a coping mechanism. I've got an ED of my own, and because of it I have not been at my normal weight for almost 15 years.

    Getting pretty close to finally finishing a new art. Sorry if work is being a little slow I've been like... kinda stressed a bit? Nothing anyone can help sadly I've just be running into a lot of setback because I live in very rural Canada. Its already hard enough to get things done WHEN THERE ISN'T A PANDEMIC HAPPENING!

    If I finish art early enough tomorrow I may try to get at least one thing started which is project "get a pet hamster so I feel less lonely in my apartment". Unlike a lot of people I have done a great deal of research into hamster care because I want this animal to live its full lifespan and be happy.

    You'd be surprised how few people seem to consider that when getting a hamster.

    oh! I hope you'll have a lovely time with the hamster! I used to have dwarf hamsters 10 years ago and they're dsuch a blast. Adorable and amazing personalities <3

    I wanna say I'm kinda sorry if I'm spamming ya'll a lot with notification from replying to threads I'm just trying to be a bit more social? I find its hard to be social on like Twitter despite that being THE WHOLE POINT because ya know... next to no moderation and unwarranted hostility is so rampant there. Its been years since I've been on a site that has a decent forum feature so ya know taking advantage of that to ramble.

    I keep forgetting I don't run this account like I do my Twitter so I can be horny on main by which I mean I can actually favorite porn/fetish art.

    On the topic I don't draw horny art all that often but I should perhaps someday do a few actual explicit macro pieces I mean... I have a kaijusona. Someone has to teach that boy to have some confidence and smash up some building (intentionally) for once!

    Changed my icon to one of the images that was part of Gene's reference sheet (albeit I messed with the lineart thickness to make it pop more).

    I feel like this is more fitting albeit its tragic that Verta is no longer in my icon. Perhaps someday I'll make a new icon that is just her and then everyone can get all confused and assume that's my fursona and not just an OC lol

    Slowly figuring out the best way to divide album content here. I think I got things pretty ok (I may still make one more album for content related to my other sona that isn't at all related to my toon animal OCs).

    It took me almost a day to figure out how to fav images on here :,). Also I had to log out and login just to get the NSFW feature working for me. I definitely don't plan to draw/post much in the way of adult content but I want to have that be open for possibilities.

    Got all my Magimalia cast posted in one day aww yeah ??

    I'm really bad and overdoing it with OCs so I decided months ago when I made Verta that this story would have only 9 characters. I'm hoping to start drawing more pieces of them interacting in the coming months.

    I don't plan currently to write any kind of big story with these goofy critters though if I ever do git gud at programming I'd love to make some type of adventure game with them. 

    I am slowly figuring out how to do things on here such as now you should actually be able to comment on my images. Sorry you couldn't before I didn't realize that was an option I had to toggle on :,)

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