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  • I have been taking a long break from social media since the 13th of February, and yesterday, I decided to extend that break through the rest of the year!

    Why? For several reasons. First, I decided to change my Minecraft fan-fiction into an original story about a week-and-a-half ago, on the 26th of last month. I've had the plot and the characters for 5-6 years, and now that the story is going to be its own thing instead of a story based in Minecraft, I hope to illustrate and publish it at some point in the future! So during this year-long break, I am going to be focusing my time on writing this story and preparing to illustrate it!

    Second, my mental and emotional health has really improved since I've put social media on the back burner! I have never felt so good about myself in my life! My baseline anxiety has also improved, which means that I am not nearly as on-edge as I was when I was still very connected to social media!
    My mom came home from the hospital about 15 minutes ago! Her speech is ever-so-slightly slurred, but it's not impeding her ability to be understood. She will have to use a walker for a while, but SHE IS HOME!! :)
    My mother had a stroke Thursday evening. We got her to the stroke center before the stroke was 6 hours old, so she has a very good prognosis. She'll be in the hospital at least until Tuesday or Wednesday for treatment.

    I am doing okay. I'm shaken up, but I am okay.
    Welp. Lost my second job on Thursday. I know why I was let go, but please do not ask me why. I'm still mad at myself, because it was my fault that I was let go.

    I know that I haven't been very active here, but that's because a lot has been happening in my life, from medication changes to a new possible girlfriend. That, and because of the medicinal changes, I have decided to go from full-time work to part-time work at my current workplace. ANYWHO, I hope everyone has been doing as well as they can during these times!

    I have not posted here in a while, because about two hours after I get home, my ADHD medication wears off and my senses go to hell. That, and I get pretty tired. I've also been going to bed at around 7:30pm est.

    I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION IT HERE, but I've started working full time at my new job! I started on Monday, and so far, even though I have been exhausted after work, I've been feeling the best that I have been in a long time! ^w^

    Nice! I'd love to have a job myself although I'll probably be self employed.

    I am starting my new job tomorrow morning! I will be working at a small local plastics facility, operating a machine that makes plastic bags for food service/retail. I think I'll enjoy this job more than my previous job, because everyone has the same breaks and lunch breaks, every day. Which provides more structure to my work and my workday! That, and I know what I will be doing every day!

    Here's a toss of good thoughts for yeah :) I actually start a new job doing something very similar next week just it's plastic bottles/jars instead. It may be 12 hour shifts but I'm burnt out from my retail job 🥴

    Regarding Elements of Meridius (my original fantasy/adventure story), I've decided that all the characters will be human, aside from the Elemental Deities, and the Twin Deities of Amria and Anru. HOWEVER, the nine main characters of the overarching story will be able to shapeshift into non-anthropomorphic wolves, foxes, and one will be able to become a Thylacine. They will all still be able to talk while in their animal forms. However, they won't discover this ability until they turn 21.

    I decided to do this, because if this story does become an animated series, like I want it to become eventually, then I want my characters to be relatable to even those who are not furries themselves. That, and I've always loved stories that have shapeshifters, like Animorphs. Unlike Animorphs, Elements of Meridius will not be a sci-fi story, and it will not take place on Earth. Rather, the story will be in a world that is similar to Earth, except there will be actual magic. But only about 35% of the population of Meridius will be able to use magic. Those people will be called Sorcerers. The nine main characters will not have any Sorcerers in their family, which is how magic is spread: it gets passed down from father/mother/both parents to their children.

    ANYWHO! That is all I wanted to say! Hope y'all are having a good day!

    Bleh... Been sick with something that is not COVID for 2 or 3 weeks now... I thought that the antibiotics that my doctor put me on were helping, but now my sore throat's back. My cough is better, but still... Feeling utterly miserable... 🤒

    I have been working on Elements of Meridius for 10-11 years. I'm still developing the synopsis and the story itself. But, I do know that the main species are going to be anthropomorphic wolves, foxes, and coyotes. They will collectively be known as Caninaians. The wolves call themselves Luprians, the foxes call themselves Vulprians, and the coyotes call themselves Latranians. All five volumes of the story will take place in a world that is somewhat like Earth. This world is called Meridius. There are Elemental Deities for each of the following elements: fire, earth, wind, water, spirit, electricity, poison, ice, and plant. There is a prophecy that involve the nine Elemental Deities, which the governments of Meridius interpret as a doomsday prophecy. There is also a cult-like organization called the Order of the Singularity, who only worship the god of destruction in the story. The goddess of creation is the one who gives the governments of Meridius the prophecy. I also know that I want this story to be mainly SFW.

    Elements of Meridius originally started out as a graphic novel, which I drew without any idea as to where the story would go. The premise of Pack of the Zodiac (the first draft of EoM) was wolves with the powers of the western zodiac vs. elemental foxes.

    I hope that I can turn Elements of Meridius into an animated series aimed at young adults. But first, I will write out the story, then turn it into a series of comics, a series of graphic novels, or a webcomic!

    Anyways, that is one of the reasons I am on this website: to connect with other furry writers, and maybe even connect with furry comic artists.

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