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    The People's Phil Swift
    I remember when Satoru Iwata said he didn't believe they should treat people showing appreciation as criminals, it's too bad he died of cancer

    (mind you, they did have a minor issue with it then, but it was nowhere as bad as it is now. If they continued down the trajectory of the early noughties when Iwata was president, they probably might've actually stopped. Who knows i suppose)

    - Xi Yao
    🧡: So I gave it some thought, and I have decided that my fursona's classification will be changed to Wolpertinger in one of my forms. I am also gonna be maining the fae/faer pronouns from here on out.

    Being a system, neurodivergent, trans and nonbinary is awesome, actually. What really sucks is how the world reacts to, and treats us because of it.

    Reminder that your experience as any of the above doesn't have to be ruled by suffering, and/or internalized self-hatred. Exercise self-compassion and learn to love yourself. When you can be happy about yourself, it becomes a lot easier to be kind to others.

    Imagine being told that you don't exist, because your experience as a persistent tulpa falls outside the medically-accepted understanding of plural identities, even though you have personality traits so different to the other members of the system, have traits the original personality doesn't, and lack traits that the original personality does.

    Now imagine seeing people start to buy into this exclusionary smear meant to demonize us and drive an unnecessary wedge between our communities and segregate us.

    I am seeing the seeds of pluralmedicalism being planted here, and I fucking swear, I am going to stomp it out before it takes root and alienates any plural system that isn't purely traumagenic. You are the truscum of the plural community, and your gatekeeping isn't welcome here.

    CW // Cognitohazard

    Do we dream when we sleep?
    Or are we all really just waking up,
    to the chaotic protean nature of
    the reality that lurks underneath,
    when we tire of this waking illusion?

    Hello fellow furs, reminder that all trans folk are valid, all plural systems are valid, he/him & they/them lesbians are valid and pan lesbians are valid. Anyone saying otherwise are abusive exclusionary gatekeepers, and they are just as bad as TERFs.

    So yeah, to clarify on the #syscourse ...

    • Being plural is not a choice, neither is being trans, and triangulating between those two is suspect. Not only that, but it pathologizes and stigmatizes people who could benefit from our spaces to explore themselves and figure themselves out, even though their paths may end up diverging from ours.
    • Despite what bad actors say, the entire point of arguing against gatekeeping is to take away trauma and dysphoria as tools gatekeepers use to decide who is and isn't plural or trans. If only TERFs and Truscum believe that dysphoric trauma is required to be trans, what does that say about you when you try to say that only traumagenic systems are valid?
    • The point of making those comparisons is to highlight the fact that the gatekeeping on both the trans medicalist end, and the traumagenic puritan end contains the same energy and rhetoric, and is really harmful.
    Imagine thinking that you have to suffer an arbitrary amount for the right to have an identity, and imposing that standard on everyone else around you, and creating a false zero sum game between people like you, and people different to you who didn't need to suffer to have that identity.

    In the trans world, we call those people like that truscum and TERFs, and lo and behold they have caused a lot of damage to women's and trans people's rights. So how are we supposed to see people who mirror this "suffering is mandatory, or you're a predator" rhetoric on he/him lesbians, pan/bi lesbians, and endogenic/hybrid plural systems other than harmful to the pan, lesbian or plural communities?

    It's all a grift to divide us and get us fighting against each other. And who benefits from all this? Fascists.

    Stop being gatekeepers, you're not helping.

    Apollo Legend is a white supremacist, he defended White Goose, a white supremacist when he got rightfully banned from GDQ for being anti-semitic.

    I don't know why other speedrunners are having such a hard time condemning him as such, even when they called him out on it. They took issue with it instead because it's "dishonest" Yeah sure, but what was he lying about? I think that's the more important context.

    Actually I know why, a vast majority of the speedrunning community are white af to the point that even the idea of banning people from SGDQ and AGDQ for racism and transphobia raised the hackles of the speedrunning community. Gross.

    That's not even getting into how he constantly starts witch-hunts and goes after other people for clout, and then plays the victim when he gets called out for it. Or, you know, the thousands of donation money that was supposed to be used for defending against litigious assholes like Billy Mitchell being stolen. I have absolutely no sympathy for him even when he says he's feeling suicidal. I guess he now knows how his victims feel, eh? Doesn't feel so good when the tables have turned, right?

    Fuck Apollo Legend, him exposing cheating speedrunners does not nullify the damage he did to the speedrunning community. Fuck Apollo Legend, he deserves oblivion.


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