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  • I know I just posted about this charm but I wanted to show how big the original was before shrinking. (Sorry for the images being a bit big I can't resize on my phone)
    Ooo I’ve always wanted to try shrink art like this, I always thought it was cool to watch x3.

    There is a way to resize these on mobile (iPad user, I had the same problem of the images uploading too big xD) You just have to manually do it. I can try to show you how o:
    wow who woulda thought that if you pay more attention to how much pressure you use and when in your line work and not "just do it" your lineart would look better 😑
    (why do i do this to myself lol)
    • Haha
    Reactions: delta LiGHTS
    o lol nice! idk how i didnt figure this out sooner ngl lol
    delta LiGHTS
    delta LiGHTS
    im dyspraxic so i got v used to pressing like. as hard as humanly possible bc otherwise the pencil would fly out of my hands
    but now that i have a wacom tablet + the nibs degrade, i have to be more careful (which also meant i had to reduce my pen sensitivity lol. i used to keep it almost maxed and i genuinely almost snapped my first nib in half 😅)
    the things we get used to very easily trip us up, unfortunately
    i get that cause when i first started digital art with my wacom my nibs lasted maybe a week lol >.< i allways pressed super hard in traditional art so it was a hard switch.
    i love when ive noticed the quality of my art has jumped up but dont like the fact that ill judging it hard again in a few months inevitability >.<
    Speaking of banners lol i got a wonderful artwork in today from Shesta!! since i cant think up of a good one ill use that for a bit cause i really love the art she made! That other character is my gf's OC Kyna! We wanted to get our "sona" characters in a artwork together!

    Heres a link to Shesta's twitter!
    I wish when I come up with good ideas that I write them down more >.<

    I had a good idea for cover art but I never started it and now I forget what it was going to be
    heya guys jus wanted to pop in to say ive changed my pfp! Ive linked the artists for both so you can check them out if you want!

    Old pfp V.S New pfp

    old pfp artist toyhou.se/eadie - New pfp artist furrylife.online/members/shadybug.16588/
    eyy sorry for the sudden hiatus! personal stuff make me not feel great but im back now!! time to relearn flo!! ^.^
    hecc i really made a character im making for someone on the forums too complex but i really like the design so i dont wanna change it &gt;.&lt;  i really wanna get it done but i also wanna give myself time for other artworks to so i dont work too long on it and become uninterested in drawing it if that makes sense.

    so im 100% going to jump around on the prompt list for arttober so i can have time to do other things cause im slow af at my art. so dont mind the random missed days in the list this artober this year.

    So I in the past few days less hit a art block but a art wall where I literally can't focus on drawing for more than 10 minutes. but after watching a video about character design i took inspiration I guess is the word to be able to focus on that. 

    Still hit a wall with just regular drawing but I feel that will help me get back into things. ^.^

    I can't wait for Halloween! Even though our house won't be giving out candy due to the plauge I get to decorate the house this year since I won't be going out to a party with friends! Imma probably do a witch costume with my partial saiph for fun

    heya guys! i just wanted to share a quick teaser/wip of my next artwork without uploading it to my folders lol. A full body artwork will be done tomorrow for this guy cause i got the sudden urge to do fanart of the new freddy ^.^

    View attachment 12815

    i decided im probably going to do a few more artworks and a practice one page comic before continuing to make my webcomic ive been trying to do! i just wanna be sure that im 100% confident in clip studio before doing the comic! its something i wanna be super proud of in the end so i wanna do it right ^.^

    i love making art for my gf cause she has the cutest reactions! ^.^ heres the art i made for her in case you haven't seen it! 😊


    surprised wolfalope 😳

    im debating on adding another character to my sona list &gt;.&lt; once you have more than one sona you really cant stop there lol

    i wanna Finnish my lance info sheet in clip studio but i dont wanna have to completely reline him to fit with he clip studio brushes i have atm &gt;.&lt; i still need to draw his everyday clothes so i still have some drawing to do so hecc idk.

    ill do a few more test artworks i wanna do before doing my more serious are again for my webcomic but hecc idk what im going to do &gt;.&lt;

    just did my first test with clip studio pain and holy hecc why didnt i switch sooner!! im so much faster and everything is so much better!! ive been using krita for like 3 years so this is a wonderful change of pace!

    ahhh i just got clip studio paint cause its 50% ff r/n! i guess im going to be learning that today instead lol

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