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  • I swear I haven't forgotten about this site!! I've been in a big art slump but I'm slowly getting out of it!

    Hoping to pump out a lot more works in the next few weeks TwT

    Almost finished with my next work!

    More candy gore because I've been having a blast drawing it <3

    I swear I have art in the works, I'm just being very slow about it since I'm working on a bigger project for myself!

    Super excited to show yall it! It's gonna be a real nice gore piece since I love drawing candy gore 💖

    Would anyone here like a flat-colored headshot sketch for 10 USD like this one? Just shoot me a message if you're interested!

    i might consider! i'll be sure to message ya if i ever plan to comm ya :>

    Hey I can post statuses again! Apparently it was an error with my browsers cache that caused it OTL

    Can we have candy gore themed icons??

    This was the img i was wanting to use for the fall season, but I'm not sure if gore icons are allowed here?? TwT

    Art is by the awesome Mythrilkittyart on twitter! 💖

    View attachment 11450

    @delta LiGHTS I was thinking possibly the same since its just the insides of pumpkins technically??

    But it's also technically gore?? That's why I'm hoping to find a good answer TwT

    Looks like I've found some more old art to upload here! Most of it being candy gore!

    Hold on to ur fuzzy butts >:3c

    I haven't been this social on a site in a long time!

    I honestly love the forums! I'm glad I've made the decision to make this site my online home other than twitter TwT

    Same! It's so nice ^^

    Gonna be posting more older works here shortly!

    Apologies if they end up being a bit blurry, I had to download them from my DA since they aren't on my current pc TwT

    Hi, thanks for the follow! 😄
    What's the name of the character on your avatar and profile? They're super adorable! 💕

    Oh my gosh I almost missed this comment!

    The character in my pfp and page is one of my fursona's named Pumpki!

    They're a leopard gecko/dragon hybrid and I love em to bits 💖

    For any users who may not know, if you're wanting to upload your NSFW, please make sure you've turned on the settings in account settings, and make an album categorized as NSFW. Would hate for anyone to get in trouble by a small accident like this just because they weren't aware TwT

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