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  • Now that upload-replacing is back, it's time to get to work. Quite a backlog from the last time I uploaded too, so, hope people don't mind the spam lol
    Good place to start with bringing myself back to the site is definitely groups.
    And I'm noticing there's still not a bat group, hmmm...
    As the file-replace feature may not be returning for a while, and I still really want to use this site actively, I'm thinking about how to handle uploads past the point where I found good color correction settings to improve scan quality. May just need to put a disclaimer on my profile for the time being.
    Remember when I said I'd be resuming the October project earlier this month?

    Yeah me neither.

    Turns out November's not being any simpler of a time for me than October was, so things are still delayed. I'm doing my best to finish this off and finally get it posted though.

    I know not many people see it or are interested in it, but I hope that someone out there has been enjoying Spooky Celebrations. Thank you.

    Been managing to get a good chunk of work done for Spooky Celebrations today. I'll probably be resuming posts starting tomorrow.

    Happy Halloween, everybody. 🎃 Expect Spooky Celebrations to resume today, hopefully to completion (or at least near it)!

    Apologies for the delays in posting more Spooky Celebrations, I've been unexpectedly busy the past few days. I'll be doing my best to get caught up soon!

    Did I want to draw more today? Yes.
    Did I fail to do that completely and am now going to fall asleep at least partially due to pizza? Yes.

    Since I never went ahead and posted my October 2019 project over here, I think I'll upload a piece a day from that alongside the 2020 project, just to fill things out.

    Speaking of that 2020 project, by the way, keep an eye out. Things are starting off soon. 🎃

    This year, my October art project is themed around the myriad holidays in October, ranging from major to minor in notoriety. I will be posting one piece a day representing at least one of that day's holidays. Pieces will be in various stages of completion, from pencil lines to ink to color.

    Below, I have compiled a list of holidays I personally considered for art prompts, but there are additional holidays I didn't include that you may find interesting yourself. There are various holiday calendars available online that can lead you to more options; but remember, please be careful to research things like religious, cultural, and legal associations holidays may have if you choose to do something similar! I did my best to avoid including any such holidays.

    1. National Black Dog Day, National Hair Day
    2. National Custodial Worker Day
    3. National Poetry Day, National Butterfly and Hummingbird Day, National Caramel Custard Day, World Card-Making Day*, National Techies Day
    4. National Cinnamon Roll Day, World Animal Day
    5. World Teacher's Day
    6. National Badger Day, Garlic Lovers Day, National Plus Size Appreciation Day
    7. Bathtub Day, Balloons Around the World Day*, National Pumpkin Seed Day*
    8. International Lesbian Day, National Pierogi Day, World Octopus Day
    9. Curious Events Day, Nautilus Night, World Post Day
    10. Squid Day, Cuttlefish Day, National Cake Decorating Day, National Chess Day*, National Angel Food Cake Day, National Handbag Day
    11. Kraken Day
    12. Farmers Day
    13. Ada Lovelace Day*, Good Samaritan Day, International Day for Failure
    14. National Fossil Day*, National Dessert Day
    15. National Mushroom Day, Spirit Day*, Sewing Lovers Day
    16. National Dictionary Day, National Learn a Word Day
    17. Bridge Day*, National Pasta Day, Sweetest Day*, Gaudy Day
    18. National Chocolate Cupcake Day
    19. New Friends Day
    20. International Chefs Day, International Sloth Day, National Face Your Fears Day
    21. National Apple Day, National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
    22. National Color Day, National Nut Day
    23. National Boston Cream Pie Day, National Canning Day, National Mole Day
    24. Food Day, National Pit Bull Awareness Day*, National Make a Difference Day*
    25. International Artist Day, Sourest Day
    26. National Pumpkin Day, National Mule Day
    27. National Black Cat Day (UK), Sylvia Plath Day
    28. International Animation Day, National Chocolate Day, Wild Foods Day
    29. International Internet Day, National Oatmeal Day, National Cat Day
    30. Mischief Night, National Candy Corn Day, Pumpkin Bread Day, World Lemur Day, National Bandana Day*, Frankenstein Friday*
    31. Halloween

    (* date changes from year to year.)

    I haven't had anything to post here for a while because I've just been working on Chromatica Experience for weeks and it's taken up all my time, lol. October should bring some fun and exciting things, though.

    Very glad to see the rulings against feral NSFW and hate groups.

    … Now to remember to make time to upload a few pieces from my backlog sometime because I keep forgetting, ack

    ARTeapot's League of Legends Charity Fanzine — Samhain


    I came across this being promoted in a Discord server I'm in, and have decided to join and spread the word!

    While more information is available in the tweet thread and the project's Discord server, here are some quick notes:

    ○ Sign-ups for both visual and written art are open from August 6 until August 20! Entries can be submitted any time between August 21 and October 21.
    ○ The fanzine will be released on Halloween, and distributed as a PDF to the Paypal e-mail addresses of all who donate to the fanzine's Ko-fi between October 31 and November 7.
    ○ All donations are being given to The Trevor Project.
    ○ Submitted work does not need to be a fully-rendered art piece or studio-quality; all levels of skill and resources are accepted, as long as submission requirements are followed.

    Even if you don't participate yourself, as this is a charity project, please consider sharing the tweet and information for others!

    My Carrd now includes a list of resources for creators, including free-to-use reference images, color palettes, anatomical and practice guides, free art and image editing software, and more.


    This list is also mirrored on my Waterfall: https://redclock.waterfall.social/post/387959

    At present, I'm not aware of a good way to also mirror this list here, but both the Carrd and Waterfall versions will be updated as-needed with new resources.

    Animal Crossing — New Horizons YCH commissions are now open, starting at $15 USD! Choose from multiple backgrounds, skyscapes, spotlights, and more! For further information, please see included links on my Carrd!

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