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  • The only gripe I have regarding the update; uploading is more confusing. Its pretty much the only thing my stupid brain has trouble navigating. Profile tabs could also be reorganized a bit but its still less chaotic for me.
    both of my groups have been remade! space & sci-fi along with fullmetal alchemist
    waited for MONTHS to get wolvden's full moon package only for it to sell out within literal seconds, even tho i was there the moment it launched. i wasted my time for fucking nothing and im pissed off.

    part of me wants to stay up all night just so i can nab a wolvden early access thing asap lol

    workin my ass off on my ARPG lately, and hopefully design verification can be opened soon!

    uhhh yeah a bunch of red flags there.
    "please do not ask me anything about the said business"
    "all details about this 'good' business"
    asking for your full name, weirdly wanting to contact via a second email, and more than once claiming it to be "urgent"

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    I absolutely LOVE the new changes + aesthetically pleasing tweaks to the UI!

    GM everyone! Glad to see things are startling to settle (somewhat). This site is definitely going to be one of my permanent homes ?

    Amazing how fast the mask comes off for nasty ppl when sites don't tolerate their illegal or immoral shite anymore. Stay gone, we don't want ya here!

    Can ppl please appropriately tag their fetish content? Some are just really uncomfortable to see but its impossible to "not see it" when its not even being tagged properly.

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