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  • Free Art Raffle!

    Gonna bring back my monthly art raffles! It helps me get a wide range of characters to practice with, and it helps people with limited budgets get some free art. Please read ALL the rules below to be entered in the raffle!

    How to Enter:
    Comment below with your ref sheet (SFW only please!)
    Give a very short description on your OC's personality or likes. (srsly, keep it short! A paragraph at most!)
    Post only ONE character for entry. Do not enter multiple characters.
    Mention that Luna is best pony so I know you read the rules. lol
    It would be nice if you are following me, but is not required!

    Entries will close on Sunday, Jan 17th. Winner will be announced Monday morning.

    Winners will receive one free monocolor sketch similar to the ones linked below.


    Good luck everyone!
    delta LiGHTS
    delta LiGHTS
    shi's kinda grumpy/seems rough unless you're close to hir, likes goth stuff (skulls, bats, spooky stuff, etc), bugs and fish.
    also luna is best pony
    For those who need to hear it, it wasn't a "choice" for stuff like follows and groups to be deleted. Ven tried for literal weeks to get stuff to transfer properly. The old site was a beta version and was always intended to be upgraded since a lot of stuff is no longer supported. Shit happens. People will cling like rats to FA while notes get leaked and the site falls apart, but one hiccup on a new and developing site and its all hands abandon ship lol. Yeah, it is frustrating. Take a few days break to chill and then move on. A lot of things like follows and profile code can be recovered if you just ask nicely. I too was annoyed, and took a few days to come back, but lasing out at staff is silly. Yeah, vent your announce its gone, sure. But acting like it was some big conspiracy is just silly.
    Morning ya'll. Still making my way through the list of old follows and re-following people. If I was following you before and haven't re-followed you yet, no worries. I will get to you eventually!
    You know what is SUPER important?


    But I also know it can be hard to get over that anxiety/ADD hurdle. So I’m gonna make it easier with a sweet hit of dopamine.

    For as long as my drawing hand holds out, I’m gonna give free sketches to everyone who votes.

    Drop a ref below with some form of prof that you voted and I’ll shoot you a sketch of your character with an “I voted” sticker or sign. 

    Feel free to retweet the original post to help spread the word. Voting has never been more important. 

    Now drop those refs and VOTE!

    If the type of Rule 34 you are looking for doesn't exist, draw it yourself. Be the porn you want to see in the world!




    .... wait ....
    After speaking with some staff, I am feeling a lot better about my experience and stay here on FLO. Still gonna avoid a majority of the forums, but I think I have found a few places where I can interact with other uses safely. Thanks to those of you who took the time to actually speak with me and have a mature conversation. In spite of some of the hate here on the forums, there are still a lot of level headed users and staff here that I don't encounter on other furry sites. I appreciate you, even if we disagree on the subject matter. Will probably start uploading art here again later tonight. Blessed Be.
    Seriously considering not using FLO anymore, as much as I like the set up. I'm tired of the vitriol and animosity every time I peak at the forums. I am tired of staff publicly saying kinks they personally don't like need to be banned because "eww gross". I don't like a lot of things, but I police my own internet experience. I am part of the BDSM community. We are some of, if not THE biggest advocators for proper consent. People in scenes, making sure if everyone may see that they consent, safewords, after care and more.

    For staff to support/believe they have some moral high ground because they find something icky is very unsettling to me. It's why sites have a tagging and ignore system.  And yes, there are plenty of other sites to post what ever new thing gets banned this week. (Not to sound extremist, but I am honestly waiting for the NSFW ban all together) I just wanted to use this one because it is better. But I am tired of the "Well you support X thing I don't like so you MUST be a zoo/pedo/rapist/insert insult here" crap that comes out of ever other mouth. They make rules and even when you follow them and tag how you should, you STILL get shit and snide remarks.

    Everything, EVERYTHING can be harmful. Everything and anything can be triggering. That is why we tag. I am a rape survivor. I use power dynamic and non-con scenes as a way of dealing with my trauma. It is valid, I consent to the content I am consuming or any scene I am in.  How dare you accuse me and people like me that my legitimate form of coping is wrong just because you don't like it? I am not the only person like this.  People use Age Play and other kinks for the same reasons. It is hurtful and upsetting to see a site staff so easily swayed by "eww" and "well it could possibly be used for X"  There is a reason why stuff is hidden behind age walls and tags.

    Ugg, sorry if this got muddled or confusing or preachy. I'm beyond stressed from life and this was just the last straw for me. This was a good site, but it is obvious staff doesn't want people like me here. I kept quite about the feral discourse as it was obvious any opinion other then "eww gross" was met with mud slinging, but I draw the line at the newer crap. Guess I will just got back to the other sites where the staff let nazis and actual zoos and pedos run free.  -_-;

    Wonder how much shit I'll get for this post lol
    Red Clock
    Red Clock
    Your frustrations are understandable in your position; I want to make it clear, I don't intend to victim blame you or others who have acquired fetishes as trauma coping mechanisms, nor do I approve of that behavior. But I also have to acknowledge that part of the crowd making those boiled-down "it's gross and bad" comments without nuance are also survivors too, and many of them are tired of having to justify their distaste for the fetishization of their experiences — not just given those experiences affecting them directly, but also given the damage that fetishization can cause and contribute to on a larger scale.

    The question is ultimately if there would actually be enough benefit derived from the added work of moderating the topics with nuance, and the added risk of alienating people by permitting them at all vs. not permitting them. I feel I can safely assume we stand opposite each other on the answer to that question; still, if you take a break from the site, I hope the rest serves you well.

    Gonna stream here in a few minutes. Anyone wanna multistream with me? My usual art buddy went to bed early lol

    So I walked out to a flat tire this morning in my way to work. I’m gonna need to replace my front two tires and inspection is due. I’m looking at close to $400 of work. I would really super appreciate some commissions right now. 

    As a reminder, I am open for commissions! I currently have 3 open slots. All types of commissions are fair game!

    🔸Sketches start @ $25
    🔸Inks start @ $50
    🔸Flat color sketch icon start @ $35
    🔸Extra character starts @ $25
    🔸NSFW +$15

    I am also open for custom enamel pin commissions as well. I’ll take extra slots this month to cover van costs. 

    ✨ 50qty starts @ $175
    ✨ 75qty starts @ $205
    ✨ 100qty starts @ $250
    ✨ 200qty starts @ $370

    All pins are 1.5 inches and the first five colors are included in the price!

    Comment or DM to claim a commission or pin slot!

    Thank you for looking 💜

    Been wanting to draw some Pokémon, but with a twist. Give me some Pokémon you would like to see me redesign or a Pokémon you would like to see as a different type. Let’s see what we can come up with! Post your ideas people please! 💜

    FREE Custom Enamel Pin Giveaway! 

    I’ve finally reached 1k followers on my twitter account so I am doing a giveaway to help promote my art even further! 

    If you always wanted custom enamel pins but couldn’t justify the cost, now if your chance to snag 50qty Custom pins for FREE! 

    But how do I enter you might ask? It’s easy! Just click the link below to my post on Twitter and follow the instructions to enter. You can even get bonus entries if you follow my FA/FLO accounts! Giveaway ends on Oct 15th and pins will be produced with my Oct batch of pins.

    Good luck! 

    Post to enter!

    Post for bonus entries!

    Hypothetically speaking, if I could make face masks, what kind would you like to see from me?

    Oy oh vey I'm not... Bright lmaooo

    But yeah birds would be cool to see more of tbh

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