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  • Just got my ass kicked by Rika Ueno and i'm not even mad

    She only known for what you call "Punky Skunk" in the west, but a long time back she was pretty active in what was basically the furry community if it wasn't specifically about furries.

    She's worked on various animated TV shows in Japan and was one of the very first internet celebrities.

    I came in and challenged her and she totally blew me away.

    She's one hell of a freak and destroyed my argument hands down.

    Big respect.

    Storm of the Century but accurate to the myth it's based on

    Andre Linoge steps foot on the island prior to all the events in the movie.


    Well the good news is I've got most everything stabilized now and I finally got some sleep.

    The bad news is my computer is perminently stuck in 800x600 resolution so i can't use certain important features of my software programs and the websites i view.

    Not only that but i also can't get PDF's or any sort of chat feature to work whether it's text, audio or video, which means i have to borrow a PC to run my business with.

    So now me and my robots engineer roommate John are sharing his PC for work and he's very not happy about it.

    His PC works differently to mine so he has to explain everything and it's a pain. I'm used to it looking like a window and his looks like a phone for some reason.

    I keep accidentally setting off hotkey functions all the time and i ruined some of his work and he had to do it again and he was not happy about it.

    If anyone knows how to alter the video ratio settings since the update that would be great because i've searched the internet and nobody seems to have an answer.

    Sorry, I have discoved a bypass solution that is rather tempermental but appears as thought it may be functioning to some degree hereafter.

    The problem however this solution provides is the fact in which the software translates my foreign tongue into ungodly certifiable English speech.

    To be totally honest and down to earth I am projecting curses like a farmer of the Devon countryside but alas you are unable to discern this from your own perspective having received these messages via the application of liguistic translation software.

    I swear that if I were to meet whosoever created this dastardly update i would perform actions upon their person that have yet to be concocted in the imaginations of mankind.

    So far the only electronic computer program available to me is propel the titular vulpine brand browsing window for the world wide web.

    Miniature blades brand appears to be corrupting my most favored locations upon the information super highway.

    Social networking devices such as the slides you use and museum locations such as the artwork of delinquents appear as though they are innaccessable to me and my comrades.

    It does so appear by a twist of fate, one so in my favor, that the smuts on the course thus extended does so disable the quote unquote friendship towards the client of the titular service.

    I would prefer it you were to cease saying the titular word that which is you, the one identified as the infernal machine relegated to the position denoting uncooth purposes.

    To conclude my statement I must give you the urgent warning not to dowload the latest update for the windows of which there are TENten"10.10.1NEGATEOPERANDCLICKCLICKDATABURSTSYSTEM32PARITY64LOGUNIDENTIFIEDLIBRARYCLICKCLICK

    Apparently yesterday's Windows Update is Running in its Current Version for Windows huh the 1 that comes after no but before 11:00 AM Set Reminder is Street Fight V Available on Amazon with Easily Manageable Problems that can Everything is Functioning Normally various COMPONENTS STRUCTURE of software run close on you System 32 117 cannot insert boot

    Here it is Download Upload if you FUNCTIONALLY ABLE.

    Edge Doesn't Recognise .online EXTENSION. Edge Does Not Have the FUNCTION CLOSE.

    You CANNOT ALTER Screen Resolution from 105% to 100%. Do You Require Support? Emergency Services are Currently Busy. A Reminder Has Been Set to 4:30 AM November 5th 2010.

    Cannot Click Button. It Does Not Exist. Manual Override Active For The Next 5 Seconds.

    The reason people hate Vegeta is because of his resting bitch face, rather than anything to do with his character.

    Throughout the entirety of his role in the Dragonball series Vegeta has been nothing but noble.

    Things that are regarded as selfish and vain about his character on anyone else would be considered quirky.

    Apart from when he had no choice, Vegeta has always had his moral compass perfectly centered.

    Even when he competes with Goku to be hte strongest he explains that his motivation is to be strong enough to protect others.

    By all rights he's a truer hero than Goku, but the writing in Dragonball sucks so he's used as a villain.

    He's a perfect example of the audience reading a book by its cover.

    When you realize that then things like when he cries about Freiza destroying his family or when he performs his goofy dance scene don't seem out of character at all.

    Vegeta isn't so much moody as he is focussed, which can apear as though he's very stern or serious.

    Saving the people you love is a matter of great concern and should be treated with a manner ready for the situation, the guard up and alert.

    Goku by comparison stumbles through events having plot granted abilities while he takes saving the people he cares about almost like a game.

    The plot often explains that Goku has trained endlessly but character-wise it doesn't make sense since Goku is more likely to get distracted especially if food is involved.

    Vegeta by comparison is more likely to take things seriously and spend a lot of his free time training rather than being distracted by anything else, including family matters.

    It's also been shown that Goku despite caring for his close friends and family, fails to see the bigger picture and sometimes doesn't care that many strangers have died.

    By comparison Vegeta take the concept of potentially many strangers dying premptively very seriously and its shown to affect him on an emotional level.

    You can't say "Nah, Goku did more training, you didn't see it though, it was off screen." as an argument for plot.

    The reason why is because if you were to play out that very scene realistically Goku wouldn't stay dedcated to his training at all, it's not his personality since his ignorance is an actual selling factor of his character when it's used for comedy.

    That's not to say a hero has to be serious all the time but Goku is so far in the opposite direction he's less likely a main character plotwise than even Satarnsan.

    In fact the writer of Dragonball seems to dislike the very characters with the correct attitude towards saving the world.

    Tien is very dedicated to combat but dispite his actually rather practical skills he loses often because the writer says so.

    The writing in Dragonball is absolutely awful by the way.

    Just for 1 thing, there is no real way the characters in the show exerting the energy shown in the show could have destroyed every cell in Cell's body.

    Even if you summise that they could, Goku's attack is much more likely to have done so than Gohan's since Gohan's move should have propelled Cell away from the blast.

    Then there's the issue of auto instinct. It's quite literally the very first thing you're taught in martial arts.

    If Goku had to learn that to win in the end that means that this entire time he's literally learned nothing from his training and won just because the writer demands it.

    Essentially when Goku becomes a god he's simply earning his first belt, rather than becoming a master.

    Many othr characters in the series have been shown doing exactly what it describes including characters from the original Dragon Ball, which includes Tien, Krillin and Yamcha, the latter of which is the first to be described as using that exact technique, members of the Gyunyu force, Kid Buu, various demons, champions of other universes and of course Vegeta.

    In fact if you pay close attention, Vegeta uses that for almost every one of his attacks, including his regular attacks, special moves and qi blasts, most notably his Big Bang attack does not.

    It's almost like the writer first looked up cool martial arts stuff and stuck that in there and then many years later actually started learning martial arts legit and decided to include his knowledge.

    Whadda ya know about that? That's exactly what happened.

    Freiza it seems is the only villain character NOT to use that technique, which is truly bizarre to be honest, especially since he kills the king of the sayans effortlessly and that are specifically stated to use this very technique.

    Just thinking about that logically, how on earth are Freiza's reflexes faster? Oh i kno why, plot reasons.

    Dragonball is clearly written on the fly, they start writing with very little understanding of pretty much everything to begin with and just keep writing without any plan of what to do in the end, any establishment earlier on of anything that could be useful later, any development of any ideas that could be useful throughout or even an understanding of the tools they have at their disposal at any given point.

    Essentially the plot of Dragonball sounds like the ramblings of a raving derelict, rather than having anything that resembles structure, things happen because the writer says so, they are resolved because the writer says so and there is always a new tag along to that that needs to be solved in a future episode because the writer says so.

    It almost makes the anime seem rather pointless.

    Essentially, watching a compilation of explosions from movie footage to heavy metal rock music would have the same effect. It's just as action packed and lacks the same level of any real semblance of an idea what it's doing.

    The Playstation is "technically" the better console but to a fault.

    What I mean by that is the technical specific of the hardware are actually "better" than the competition.

    And by better i mean 2 very important things: 1, the processing power and memory capacity is superior and, 2, the device is more compatible with software development kits around the world.

    First let's discuss the processing power.

    I'm sure many people will point out nonsense like "It only has twice the FLOPS count" or something but I'm afraid if you had any technical knowledge you'd know how stupid an argument that truly is.

    FLOPS stands for Floating Point Operations Per Second, it measures how many operations a processor can perform of the floating point variety in a given time.

    There's just 1 tiny problem with that, Intel brand processors are the only processors that use floating point values at all.

    It's like saying how good a plane is at flying next to a boat. You can't measure how powerful a device is using units that your device is built to use and nothing else, essentially any other device attempting to process floating point numbers first has to convert the value into a floating point number then perform a floating point operation and then convert it back to the type of number the hardware is built for.

    At the bare minimum that's 3 operations per floating point operation and other brand of processor has to do compared to 1 operation the Intel brand has to do.

    In the playstation just 1 floating point operation is actually 7 to 9 operations to convert it into floating point value and back again because of the specific way its memory functions.

    That means that the playstation isn't twice as powerful as the Xbox for having twice the FLOPS count, it's actually closer to 20 times.

    Then there's the matter of parity.

    Parity is a system that processors use to send junk data to a processor to stabilize errors in the processor's calculations.

    Most processors by now are very well built and have a parity value of less than 5 to 10%.

    However, Intel brand processors are using an architype that was built in the 1980's.

    It was built wih a system pecific for the hardware at the time and many years on a lot of the codes no longer apply.

    Intel brand processors parity ranges from about 65% to 85%.

    That means that most of the operations that processor is doing as actually error checks rather than any useful functions.

    That's because it's cheaper to just keep sticking more hardware together as the technology gets smaller, than actually redesign the hardware from scratch like other brands have done.

    So technically the number of useful floating point operations in a second based on this allone would be 3 to 4 times greater in the Playstation compared to the Xbox.

    You can see now why microsoft is so eager to use cloud based gaming.

    As technology improves the American style of processors are going to take up much more room inside the console than those in the East.

    But if those processors are miles away and out of sight then nobody is going to notice that.

    I's a rather half baked solution at best.

    Similarly the memory capacity works the same way.

    The floating point values that Intel brand processors use take up more bytes than the values other processors use.

    In the case of the Playstation its numerical values only take up a quarter of the space in the memory as the Intel brand's floating point values.

    That means that size of the RAM, Cache and Hard Disk in an Xbox would have to physically be 4 times the size just to house the same amount of data as a Playstation.

    Another good reason for cloud gaming.

    Out of sight, out of mind.

    Certainly people are going to notice if Microsoft starts releasing consoles the size of an old CRT television set.

    The most annoying part is that all the problems stem from efficiency and the Intel brand is simply ruthlessly inefficient to save money and nothing else.

    Intel brand processors are also the most expensive processors on the market, so Microsoft, who own both Intel and Xbox must be making a huge fortune by keeping costs low and charging the moon for them.

    There is however a drawback to htis.

    Using hardware that no-one else has used since the 80's means that compatibility with any hardware other than brands relating to Microsoft and heir subsiduaries is costly and frought with problems.

    Obviously the Xbox would sell well in North America, The United Kingdom and Australia since the PC's they use almost exclusively run on Intel brand hardware alone.

    However, any other country around the world is going to find it a pain in the neck when there are various compatibility issues.

    First of all the way the Xbox connects to the internet is different to how the telecommunication node systems work in other countries.

    The internet itself may use the same language right across it but systems to connect computers to the internet don't exactly slot together.

    The connection to the internet is going to be slow, lag a lot and even cut out regularly.

    As you can imagine, that's a nightmare scenario for cloud based processing.

    That's not because foreign telecommunication systems are poor because they are in fact much faster and more efficient than those in the 3 places i stated but only when using hardware that's compatible to access it.

    The reason the Xbox's connection is so poor is because it has to convert the data it outputs to match that the nodes of the phone network are used to dealing with before sending them and on receiving data from the phone network it has to then convert them into what the Xbox understands.

    This can mean that something that would be 1 operation for places like America, can be up to 12 operations in other countries.

    If your console was built simply to send controller data and receivre nothing but video and sound data, you can imagine it wasn't built with the kind of processing power needed to be 12 times more powerful than any other brand of of hardware that does the same.

    The Playstation itself actually has a work around for this same issue.

    You see, the node systems used in the telecommunication network in places like America were built and designed in the east and as such their default setting is the same system the Playstation would use to connect to the internet outside of places like America.

    So the playstation simply asks the phone network to switch to that system for more efficiency.

    The Xbox can't do this because outside of places like America the telecommunication systems are built without the western system of connection, ONLY the default system.

    To be fair, no other hardware sold in those countries other than the Xbox uses that type of communication so it stands to reason why the phone network was never made for it.

    In places like America, smart phones and PC's run on that system so of course they compensated for it.

    There's also another reason why they still have the default system as well since for a long time most brands of mobile phone ran on the kinds of systems the playstation use, Nokia being the most promenant example of this.

    There is a way to fix this whole problem.

    If Intel redesigns their processor's architype to a more modern system, one from the 21st century, it will solve all the problems.

    The one problem with that is that to do that now would be ridiculously expensive since they'd basically have to design a top of the line processor from scratch and every other brand has had decades to modify and build on their designs.

    There is another solution however, Microsoft could buy out a company that manufactures and designs the standard type of processor and simply get them to make their new processors.

    Microsoft did attempt this a while back but they didn't quite do it right.

    Instead of redesigning their software to suit the new hardware, they attempted to put a translator between their software and the hardware it ran on.

    As well as causing frequent errors, this made the computer run very slow.

    As before every operation had to be converted, processed and converted back again.

    Since them Microsoft has been frought with money troubles due to the world's economic situation in recent years and just essentially rather poor business decisions given by Bill Gates in particular despite his advisors who know the busines better having made their success in more recent years telling him not to do it.

    You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink sort of situation. You can have the safest car in the world but when there's an idiot driving it, they'll find a way to make it crash.

    When Microsoft's income stabilises they may attempt this idea again but for now we'll have to deal with a slow and clunky console.

    But here's the most important part.

    The Playstation itself might be all that but let's not forget that a large amount of the triple A games in the market are made IN AMERICA using (you guessed it) Microsoft brand hardware.

    That means that many of the games out there run smoothly on Xbox hardware and rather clunky on other brands like the Playstation due to the software having to convert the data back and forth.

    This creates an interesting situation.

    The highest quality of games America can produce is much lower than anyone else can.

    You may think that's a bad thing for America but actually it's the opposite.

    You see, rather than spend a lot of money making games that push the hardware to its limits to show how good other countries are at making games, they realise that they can spend as little money as possible by only trying to meet the standard of the American games.

    Oh sure there's plenty of indie games that have gone the full hog but most triple A games outside of America have lowered their standards to match that the Americans are producing since it's costs a lot less money to make those games.

    Video games made in other countries by all rights sound absolutely destroy any products made in America both graphically and in features, by why waste all that time effort and most importantly MONEY trying to do so?

    It's much easier to make something on the Americans' level and saturate the market with games of the same standard to make the illusion that this is as good as it gets whilst saving a pretty penny.

    So the Playstation may very well be "technically" the better console, but economically the Xbox is a better standard to adhere to.

    Essentially Playstation wasted a ridiculous amount of money making something with all the bells and whistles when all they had to do was be slightly more competant than their competition.

    Pwerful hardware it may be but it's also a terrible business decision Sony's execs will be regretting for the rest of their lives.

    Character names in anime translated into English:

    Morningflower Ricefarmer

    Character names in Touhou translated into English:

    Starbustermangirl Awesomesexynonsenseyeah


    Word to the wise, Touhou is American. It was made by Rooster Teeth, same as RWBY and Gunlock.

    Oh yes it's still popular in Japan but that doesn't mean it's a Japanese product.

    One Punch Man is an American comic that was made into an anime by an actual Japanese animating company (Shoenen Jump), for example.

    Although if you actually did your research, I'm not sure how Japanese a company Shoenen Jump is either.

    Despite the animating team being based in Japan (and also South Korea), their actual head quarters is in Los Angeles, so there's that.

    And if you think people adopting foreign products is unbelievable, let's not forget that Ramstein, despite starting out in Germany, only started being a success when they moved to the United States.

    Wondering why you haven't heard any Daft Punk music in a while? It's because they're a French band and only occassionally release an international album.

    Recently China, South Korea and now Japan have started adopting western products as trends.

    Obviously when they are plastered all over the internet it's gonna spark some curiosity.

    But here's the thing: The Japanese don't take western products seriously.

    They see them all as comedies, even if they're not supposed to be.

    It's hard to take it seriously when compared to other products coming out in their own country right now the writing is absolutely awful.

    Mostly that's because of terrible translation but often there are huge plot holes that are obvious to the eastern market that's used to a higher quality product.

    Anime is normally well written because more of the funding is spent on plot writing, character development and most importantly very good editing.

    In America the focus of the budget tends to be more focused on the visuals and sound track.

    Americans don't really realize that a lot of the really well animated animes are actually a relative rarity in Japan compared to how many products are on the market.

    Japan spends a huge amount of money on entertainment and entertainment systems like gaming consoles and televisions, because it's their main export.

    In America it's rather different, their main export tends to be physicl objects like appliances, toys and vehicles.

    So it obviously makes sense why an American company would splash out on the animating budget but pull back on the writing.

    It's not that America has to meet the Japanese standard for animation, it's that they have to meet the PERCEIVED Japanese standard.

    Shoenen Jump is the most popular anime producing company in the west, but in Japan they're ridiculed.

    Shoenen Jump spends a large amount of its budget on animation but its writing is hilariously bad, so much so in fact that even the Americans are aware of it.

    Normally in the west if you try to search for anime content Shoenen Jump is just the most popular result but it's pretty much the only result that comes up.

    Searching anime in Japan will instead show a huge variety of publishing companies instead and Shoenen Jump almost never comes up in the results.

    So if you go to Japan, don't be a moron and start telling people how clever the plot of Naruto is or you'll be laughed out the door.

    I'm ill now because my body is stupid.

    A coupl of days ago I didn't sleep through the night and i was thinking "What on Earth is going on?".

    I didn't sleep in the day either.

    No stimulants, same healthy diet i've had for a year, picture of health, no history with sleep disorders, no drugs, no snacks, no change to my exercise routine i've done all year..,

    What is going on?

    After lying still in a darkened room for the majority 24 hours only stopping to eat, poop, drink water and do a little mild exercise as usual, nothing.

    Not even a micro sleep, not even blinking and then the clock says some minutes have past, absolutely nothing.

    So I'm like "Body, you need to sleep. I'm taking matters into my own hands." and i take some sleeping tablets and for a whole another 24 hours i feel like i want to die because the tablet are making me so sleepy but nothing is happening.

    Finally after more than 50 hours of being awake i fall asleep.

    It's only 3 hours but it's something.

    A now I have a fever.

    Great job body, you failed directive one, protect yourself.

    I feel like goats are massively misrepresented in popular media.

    here's a few things to show what i mean.


    A furry walks into a farm.

    Furry: Where are all the female goats?

    Farmer: They're all female.

    Furry: Nah, they're all flat chested and have huge sacks hanging from their crotch.

    Farmer: Those are their teets.

    Furry: Oh no! What kind of milk are you selling?!


    Furry: I love goats.

    Farmer: Me too.

    Furry: Their long fluffy tails, cute little paws and their little leathery noses.

    Farmer: Err.. Friend? Goats don't have any of those things.

    Furry: But that's what they all look like on Fur Affinity.

    Farmer: Ain't any of you guys even seen a goat in real life?


    Priest: Neighbor, how dare you bring that foul and wicked beast to the tranquility of suburbia!

    Farmer: I'm homesteading. Goats are much more manageable in small numbers than other cattle. Times are hard. I need to downsize.

    Priest: They are the kin of the defiler! They will doom us all! You should have taken sheep instead.

    Farmer: Okay, there are multiple reasons why you don't keep sheep in your backyard, which you'd know if you were a farmer like me.

    Farmer: Also, the two animals are practically the same thing. They're closer related genetically than humans and apes.

    Priest: I have a dog instead. They have much nicer personalities.

    Farmer: You mean the one that keeps biting you during play because you didn't listen to my advice on how to raise it from a puppy?

    Preist: I don't need you turning my precious angel into a cerberus.

    Farmer: sure, what do i know about dog training? No like I keep herd animals that need to be coralled by a highly trained sheep dog or something.


    Furry: Cool, a goat.

    Farmer: Finally some appreciation.

    Furry: It needs like a leather jacket or crazy hair or piercings or something.

    Farmer: It's not a punk rocker. It's a farm animal.

    Furry: Boring, so lame.

    Farmer: Lame huh? It can literally eat poison and make delicious milk from it.

    Furry: Whoa.


    Furry: Your goat's a jerk. It knocked me down.

    Farmer: She's normally very nice. What happened?

    Furry: I just wanted to pick up the baby ones and she wouldn't let me.

    Farmer: picks up Furry's child.

    Furry: Hey! Let go of my kid!

    Farmer: Now you know how the nanny goat feels.


    Furry: Why don't you let the male goat play with females?

    Farmer: What do you imagine would happen if a guy suddenly walked into an automanous female-only tribe?

    Furry: They'd treat him like a king.

    Farmer: No, they'd kill him.


    Furry: The goat keeps flapping its tongue at me and it's hilarious.

    Farmer: That means they're hungry and want food.

    Furry: I gave them a tin can but they didn't want it.

    Farmer: You did what?


    Furry: Why do you need an electric fence? Isn't that kinda cruel.

    Farmer: No, the shock is no more painful and harmful to them as us getting bitten by a mosquito.

    Farmer: Besides, they're very smart and once shocked by it once they avoid it next time so it doesn't happen again.

    Furry: So why keep it electrified at all? Just leave it there unpowered and they'll avoid it anyway.

    Farmer: True, but it's not really to keep the goats in anyway. Once a goat escapes and finds there's nothing worthwhile outside the pen, they don't escape again.

    Farmer: It's actually there to stop stupid people from climbing into the pen and scaring the animals, which is how i assume you discovered it was electrified.


    Furry: Your goat kept trying to climb on my shoulders.

    Farmer: Well they do that for one of two reasons.

    Furry: And then it peed on me.

    Farmer: Ah, the second reason.


    Furry: I want to butt heads with your billy goat.

    Farmer: I wouldn't advise it.

    Furry: Why? Because they'll hit me hard? I can take it.

    Farmer: No, because they pee on their faces.


    Furry: What does it mean when a goat keeps ramming you with the other end?

    Farmer: It means they find you rather attractive.


    Furry: Why do you hold the back legs down when you milk the goats?

    Farmer: Because they will kick you in the eye.

    Furry: Well just reach down instead of getting your head down there.

    Farmer: You will still be kicked in the eye.


    Furry: I have a helmet and I'm ready to challenge your billy goat.

    Farmer: What kind of helmet?

    Furry: Bicycle helmet.

    Farmer: You're gonna need a motorcycle helmet.

    Furry: No, it's a very strong helmet.

    Farmer: No, you see, if they can't knock you back with a headbutt, next they try to stab in the face, neck and chest with their horns.

    Furry: Okay, I'll wear a mask as well.

    Farmer: Listen to me. People have died doing that.


    Furry: What on earth is that thing?!

    Farmer: That's a goat. That's what they look like normally.

    Furry: Nah, goats are tiny with a big belly, not the size of a horse and ripped.

    Farmer: The small ones are dwarf goats. The clue is in the name. You telling me you've never seen what goats look like in the wild?

    Furry: I'm going to pet it to show that I'm friendly.

    Farmer: That's how you get thrown of a cliff, my friend.


    Furry: If a goat can walk along here, then so can i.

    Farmer: A goat can do a handstand on one hoof at the top of a pine tree in strong winds. You however will die if you try to walk on that narrow ledge.

    Furry: I'm good at climbing.

    Farmer: Could you jump from here to that pillar of rock without hurting yourself?

    Furry: That's a 12 foot gap!

    Farmer: Then you ain't no mountain goat.


    Furry: Okay, to stop an angry bull, you have to grab it by its horns.

    Farmer: For one that's a stupid idea, and for two a dwarf goat.

    Furry: Argh! How are they able to pull me around? They're only small!

    Farmer: Lower center of gravity, 4 legs not 2, standing upright instead of hunched over, actually putting real effort into it instead of being a wet lettuce like you.

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