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  • ----!!!Heads Up!!!----

    I will be opening for commissions on Saturday, January 16 at 5PM (EST)

    Commissions will be open for 24 HOURS

    I will start reviewing requests on Sunday.

    There are some changes coming to the way I take commissions, which will be discussed later.

    Until Saturday, please feel free to use the Question Form on my website for anything you're unsure about

    The form can be found on this page
    in the "FAQ" tab.


    Any commission form sent before the opening time will be ignored and deleted.

    Please do not use the commission forms for questions.
    I wish I wasn't too anxious about people lashing out at me to tell them that they should be tagging their stuff better. I'm worried they'd take it as some kind of personal attack bc I'm not into stuff that they are. And I don't want to report the untagged stuff and risk being told "Have you tried asking them to add the tags?"
    Usually if a content item is missing required tags, moderators will notify the poster and/or add the missing tags themselves.
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    Time to upload the few things I couldn't while this place was down! I'm guessing most users are gonna be doing the same, so I'll understand if the posts get "eaten" by the flood.
    So Pillowfort made it official that porn of underage characters is fine, as long as the character is over 13.

    Which means porn of a 14 years old character is fine.


    I might start paying human art on here again bc I seriously feel very Not Cool with that decision but I still want platforms to share my art on.

    So... Yeah.

    I forgot that FLO does that thing in which u gotta clear the cache if u don't want everything to be attached to a post

    So here we go again

    Working on a cute Halloween thing!

    View attachment 14265

    So I'm not gonna post human characters in my gallery but I can still share them in status bc I can 👀

    and also bc I rly want to share this drawing bc I love that man....
    His name is Naeem 

    View attachment 9973


    Still more human than furry imo!
    Needs a snout and/or full-body fur to qualify.


    Decided to keep this profile furries only! (I've deleted every piece with human characters)
    No pieces with only human characters will be posted on here (they might appear in multi-character pieces still if an anthro character is present)

    I'm gonna add this to my "about me", but my human themed art can be found on my twitter account(s)!

    SFW account:
    NSFW account:

    Welp, looks like I put something in the wrong folder today;; 
    Sorry to anyone who had to see that in SFW mode!!

    I'll still try and be more careful about that!

    Commissions opening tomorrow!
    I'll be taking 10 of them, on a first come, first served basis!

    Feel free to browse the newly updated commissions page to check out the new prices! (And read the TOS and all ;D )

    Click Here For Commission Info!

    Note: please please PLEASE if you can't afford the new prices, do NOT tell me it is too expensive. Having to up my prices is already anxiety inducing enough as it is, and I really don't need to feel like I'm making a mistake when I know it's required. Thank you.

    this boy

    i lov the him....
    (I'm still recovering from my out of town adventure)

    View attachment 1540/monthly_2019_07/bbeef54500dde13d5a48c689e8054c14.png.aa3e1e85c93ecc7c5d75c43bfd3a133e.png">

    Back, but dead

    I'll be posting a longer explanation of how it was to be out in the woods soon, but for now I'll mention that I'm totally dead.
    It was an experience, but I'll admit not one I'd do again.
    Being so far from civilization wasn't really for me.

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