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  • Hello Folks! ALRIGHT, I need to finish current plate of Queued to clear out before this year end AS might well try to see what's upcoming plans i will do with YCHS in 2021 MORE or less. I don't know yet. So far My wrap up of year 2020 will be post up very soon to keep in track to see how much self improving so far with Covid 19 happens. My life changed since around Sept 2020 as we was plan to preordered PS5 but Realized that we was searching for a puppy to add in our life. So yes we did. The puppy is not Pure breed Labrador because he got brindle fur pattern and White swiggly T on chest/One white toe fur as named Titan. So far From that to now, I STILL try adjust my sleep pattern and His potty time at morning as seem I did manage it very well. 10AM is what best ideal time for me get up and start day instead of Sleep in ALL DAY and be tired all the time. Can't wait for him become more calm mood.
    Sorry for slow on updating and such stuff because I been quiet about Queued I got as need finish them off as got nice upgrade PC to keep up with me and my paces to finishing them off. Got new Chair that help me stay straighten up not slotch lean toward my cintiq. But upgrade PC won't be Finalized as few thing to be Call it a finish for a 5-10 year then able do upgrade in the future. Right now EVERYTHING sold out as In summer 2021 where i may able grab what I need to finish this pc up.
    So I have a wishlist on [ AMAZON ] [ STEAM ] if you want to surpirse me up. feel free to do. :) Nothing important but Hey! nice to have them ready for Xmas and other stuff.
    Hello Folks!, WELCOME Autumn for few month before Winter coming! <3 Yes I got new puppy as It is only 5mth old as next month will get it fixed as give Longer life extended. Also I will tryin to finish my ideas for patreon/SubScribeStar as I promise you that I will not set them as Paywall but Exclsive stuff. I have an Raffle up in Twitter right now if you want to enter for a free Pinup from me! RAFFLE contest , It's end date are at my birthday Oct 20th! as give me 11 days to done art if winner is chosen! yes Halloween Themes Only you can give theme But Artistic Freedom!
    Relate Art, Im FREE from Queued and other stuff as no longer taking LARGE project. Right now I want to saving up again for New PC chair/PS5 and Laptop/Cintiq for Art on the go. Maybe Smartphone to replace this one old I has now. But I have alot ideas for World lores and other stuff to fill in Patreon/Subscribestar and Other place site within Few week after Patreon/Subscribestar.
    I think I get a bad allergy reacts during START of fall season due Plant/Tree sent their child seedling away to new place. So I will work on Art/Challenges for Oct and prepering for Anniversary on Oct 10th ,Thanksgiving on Oct 12th because 2nd Monday of Oct Then My birthday on Oct 20th, and my Cat Kaiju's birthday on Oct 31. ALL MONTH in next would A BEST month for me. Who is excite for Halloween and Xmas? :eek: I think I DO!
    😭 Got puppy in 3 day ago.. as He is only 4 month old and Omg I forgetting HOW HARD to training him... But he is Labrador Mutt. due Furs isnt Labrador's... its BRINDLE Fur pattern! 

    Been struggle to do my work and keep training him to not potty at inside but Prep Puppy pads around so He can learn. But Can't wait for him become 1 year as get more easier to handle with lol. 

    BTW his name is Titan!

    Hey hey!, I been quiet behind this site at moment but more active on The Northernlight Forge Discord (public) and Twitters to hold an Raffle contests if you wanna to snag an free pinup art from me as Halloween Theme Free Artistic choice. Themes you can decide! ?

    Twitter (Art/Public + Might better 18+) only : Spiritwhitewolf  
    Twitter (Art/Personal+Random Ranting/mySelf thought tweets) : SpiritKaiju

    Also Excite for Autumn coming around in this corner!? I think i do! ❤️ I don't like Spring/Summer because BUGS and HEAT!. 


    Hello folks!, Litha's Solstice is coming up in this weekend aka Summer Solstice start. I wish I have a time to draw myself a theme of midsummer's eve idea. But I can at moment since I just free from my Queued. And I can look forward to saving up money again for next pc upgrade/New laptop (lenovo Yoga 730 15" for Art on the go) and new Smartphone for me. Heck Playstation 5 come out for Holiday 2020 so I gotta put pre order on it as Can pay down slowly until OFFICIAL date to get asap. I think I should to invest for a new chair that able hold my wide hip. MOST chairs isnt success for me at least. I'd say This Year good for me since no longer asshole roommate lived here BUT i know its bad year for anyone. I want to invest to something bigger goal if anyone see my patreon and willing supporting there as same time I will provide everything and share contents with you all.
    Art: Work on few projects for patreons and stuff i need to learn how to do painting and set up tutorials if my Goal in Patreon reach bigger as I can start Class session online only Patreon can access in. Alot thing I have plan for you guys to get surpirse stuff to look at as Early access!
    Work work on a project as soon post up in the site FA for YCH as well will finish two SL customs then I may do some patreon plugging Aka Shameless! ? 

    No one like Allergies season... Which is made me have hard time to breathin and sneeze non stop uwu. Send a HELP! know any remendies at home? ?

    Good morning, Afternoon, Evening! Hope your week amazing by hearing #E3 happen in this week as anything you want to have game for this year/Next year?! ?

    I Know that I want 1st Class collection edition final Fantasy 7!

    Let's see, I will try to setting up my own albums and other stuff over here. AT same time I need sorting out with which arts i should post here.

    Mirrors across from Furaffinity's Gallery I has? But Folders setups maybe? I will be tad careful with what's uploading without people go REEE at me.

    Also I will always streaming by time to time from day to day ?

    Will break down with Prices and stuff over here soon WITH image would be SAVE most space of update status or what's not! 

    Thank you for read my Status! ❤️

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