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  • Hello everyone this is the announcement for The heroes of Gaia (formerly rebels) Season 3 announcement, as it will begin March 8th 2021 and will end on April 9th 2021.
    Not much to say but this season is more relaxed compared to the first two, and the posting will begin tomorrow.

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    Season 3's posting pattern will begin March 8th 2021, and Will end around April 9th 2021, Same deal Posts Monday Through Friday with some exceptions. Lastly The Rebels of Gaia Name will be rebranded to the heroes of Gaia, as the majority of the problems on Gaia have been resolved at this point.

    Other things I feel like announcing are this-
    -Thomas and the Magic fighters investigating the magic hour, had his story re written and his group will be making a comeback.
    -George and Demetrius's story revolving around the dream world, taking place two years later after the Magic fighters, with their groups will be making a comeback and has been re written as well.
    -Lastly, Brian the follow up series to the Heroes of Gaia, the Guardians of magic will also be making a comeback with this story also being re written as well.

    The above mentioned stories, will be having a posting pattern dedicated to them at some point, but really nothing will be set in stone yet because of Covid-19, but I can say that at some point they will soon be posted.

    One of the last things I also want to say, Is that I'm unsure if I want to make a new cast with a new magic problem that takes place in 2020 or 2021, but I'm leaning on not doing one because I'm not really feeling it after reworking so many other things that has felt like another project on it's own.

    Anyways, Season 3 will start on March 8th

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    Welp Season 2 has wrapped up posting, with a Season 3 coming up at some point. Season 2 is the Last time we hear of "The Rebels of Gaia" Before it transitions to "The Heroes of Gaia" Onward there are more seasons after the 3rd one and I hope that more people who will be reading will be in for the ride.

    Until Then See y'all later until the 3rd season announcement at some point.

    Also Yes i did post the remaining 3 episodes today cause why not.
    I have decided that I won't just leave on February 22th 2025, But December 31st 2025, and for my friend groups (if I have any 4 years from now). I'll be active but not as much, I never really said I would not be vanishing from the internet entirely but occasionally showing up to see what is new on the chat side. Publicly I won't be posting anymore, Simply because I felt that I reached my limit for posting writing and art for a full Decade at this point and it would be time for me to move onto another point and chapter of my life.

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    There was another post to go out on Saturday but because of the blackout, and me being very tired I wanted to have time for myself over the weekend. The "regularly scheduled" Posts shall be back on Monday hopefully uninterrupted.

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    So I have my power back for now, and I'm going to use Friday to catch up on my uploads, and today to handle a few things in my personal life (it's nothing bad but I don't want to go into detail). I will make another post saying that my posts are caught up tomorrow.

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    So I have to get creative so like I currently don't have any power or internet due to this Texas snow storm, and for now the posts will stop cause I have a limited amount of Data on my phone so see everyone once this nightmare is over with.
    I'm pretty sure no one expected my last vent post even me but as if now I'm kinda feeling better. But I'm going to slowly be working on myself and get out of this funk.

    However one of the things i want to somewhat clarify is that Yes i am single but dating someone is not very high on my list if i happen to date someone it will happen at the most random of times. Lately I have been feeling rather comfortable Just staying single but not advertising it in a desperate way like "I'm single please date me OwO". But just casually saying it like it's no big deal (in which after thinking a bunch) it's not something rather minor in my eyes

    I was heavily debating on just stopping posting and focused on myself and my schoolwork but it would only back up the posts afterwards so I kept going. (and before anyone gets worried for me i manage myself very well with my own life and school along with creative stuff like this).

    Lastly I want to thank everyone who has gone out of their way to talk to me after my post. I thought like always I was going to feel alone like always with my thoughts even after I spilled them but I wasn't alone and I have people who care about me to talk to them about my problems.

    So what's ahead of me now?

    Survive this year ,singles awareness day ,and my birthday and keep posting my "magic wolf" fanfic. I'll try not to lose my motivation or bottle up my feelings so much that it messes with me.
    So.. What's been going on with me?

    This is a Question that has been bouncing around in my head a lot recently.

    But to keep it brief before I go full "Vent mode" is that-
    1- I'm suspecting my Depression is back but to a very small degree even though I did "beat" it 2 almost 3 years ago
    2- My motivation is very very low and I am debating on deleting two discord servers and a telegram channel
    3- How recently lonely I am romantically.
    4- The guilty things I want to get off my chest.

    -Actual Vent post (rather long a warning)

    For those who don't know why or I had depression, I had silently suffered with that and mild anxiety because of a traumatic incident from me losing a parent from a car crash a decade ago. It wasn't severe but out of a month or two maybe I had a few depressed days out of the month more than likely a mild case. In 2018 I reached my rock bottom and was sent to therapy by my folks which looking back did not really help but slowly but surely I got better somehow. And during 2020 (of all years) I was depression free and anxiety free or so I thought. I had random low points going into the end of 2020 and somewhat annoying mood swings sometimes happening now. I won't say that this is my old mild case but just a small fraction of the original dose of depression at least to me, and I'm not very sure with my mental health going onward as my older Depressed bad habits are coming back bit by bit.

    My motivation in the beginning was posting for fun, and now it's really low. This may sound really entitled for me to say but I was rather hurt that no one not even my friends or mutual people I am acquainted with showed up in the discord server I dedicated to my project. Like I know I'm fairly small when it comes to some people I have known for years at this point but i was expecting maybe a few people or even one that is not a bot or a troll. It makes me wonder if I am being played or that I should not even bother making public servers because no one but a small group of friends or people I know will show up. Like I know views don't mean anything or a comment or a like i just want to feel that I'm not alone posting my stuff on the internet and no one even noticing. I'm heavily debating on deleting my project related server and retreating back to my older broken one that is not very active. I have been thinking about deleting my older server and telegram channel because only a small amount of people are on both. Granted I never expected to be big or as active compared to the other friend's servers I am in but I think my point has been stated already.

    Another old issue that came up was me feeling very lonely dating wise. Like I know dating or finding a bf or gf is not very high on my list, but it's just really hard on me that I see others who are happy with their significant others be so happy and me feel like the odd one out. Like I feel like I would be okay in a relationship it's just I feel really lonely in general. At one point I was envious of others who were in relationships or were in a better one than I was in. I'm also unsure it's just me being very lonely in general or my Depression or whatever remains of it is messing with me. Lastly this was not bugging me until rather recently, and I'm not sure if this is an actual issue or just an issue my mind is tricking me into thinking that it is an issue.

    From past and present events either my words or questionable word choices or just my general actions. I'm of course not going to name any of them because if you are like me a small mistake will feel like the biggest scandal in your own mind. And I either repress something or just don't acknowledge it anymore. Like silently i feel like every bad thing that has happened to me was deserved even if it was in my control or not. I'm not a dumbass and if i did something wrong or questionable feel free to call me out about it I'm not going to run or get defensive about it because my ego is really small and easily trampled. And if I seriously offended you or anyone I truly am sorry I have zero excuses for what I did even though it's rather cowardly me to address it like this rather than just one on one than face to face.
    I'm not really expecting anyone to forgive me if I did piss someone off, and I can live being on someone's "I dislike list" I'm not trying to play any games or be an asshole or anything because what's the point of being problematic and just ignoring something that I did. Also I can agree that I have some toxic traits, interjecting my own story into a conversation being impatient and not listening and trying my best to correct it. And once again if I did offend anyone I am so sorry you don't have to forgive me I just want to get this off my chest to make my broken self feel better.

    Besides what I said, that's what has been silently bugging me as if now, anything can change or any of the things I said can become irrelevant.
    Hello everyone today is of course the starting of the posting for season 2 of the project, and really not much is planed for this month but only a few things.
    1- I am in the process of Re-Writing previous stories in the same timeline as the rebels of Gaia as TRoG's story has finished being written.
    2- The sequel project of TRoG is also down the pipeline on being rewritten to be much more better.

    Lastly after rewriting and expanding the story with TRoG I have a very good understanding on how to write a story's project with episodes and seasons so maybe somewhere down the line these other three projects being reworked and rewritten may be posted the same way in the future but it's too soon to tell.

    Anyways see you guys around.
    Why hello again this is the announcement post for the rebels of gaia season 2 which has a release date (+ a few other things).

    New Characters joining the group-

    -Dakota Eardwulf- A Native wolf prince from the native wolf kingdom located somewhere in the huge Valor kingdom.
    -Justin Opal- A Shy rich kid turned hero

    The First Episode of Season 2 (which will have a Monday-Friday) posting pattern will begin on February 1st and the Final Episode of it will be released on February 27th.

    Lastly after this season the "rebels of gaia" name will be dropped as there is going to be an event where that part of the name will be dropped for "The Heroes of Gaia"
    Season 1 Plotholes-

    This first season of sorts is a way to introduce the main wolf characters, and the story that revolves around them in the very long 1st season.

    Question 1- What were Athena's Motivations?
    After she was sad that Artemis took off, she got suspicious and broke into the castle thinking that there must be a clue somewhere. She was the one who gave a tip that Artemis and his friends may be somewhere else in the galaxy. And when she saw that her family was creating a device that uses Gaian Magic she pounced on it.

    Question 2- What was Athena's backstory?
    Truth be told I never came up with one, but one thing in the many redrafts of Season 1 is that she was an Ice wolf but was changed to be a normal one. However Athena's past is simple; she was raised to be the next Heir to her company as her mother was unable to have any more kids after her. She did grow up with Artemis and the other moonstones but she was in a different class as them despite being the same age.

    Question 3- What was the origin behind the marriage?
    Athena had had many suitors to try to marry her, however she was the one to notice the overshadowed moonstone and chose him. Her parents were trying to get her married with a potential grandson/daughter on the way and after persuading Onyx and Venus Moonstone with money and an alliance between the two families. Athena and her family chose Artemis as Jupiter was already with someone Solaris was far too well known and Jasper was too young.

    Question 4- What happens to Athena off screen?
    Eventually she makes it out of Jail two other rich families taking the place of the richest planet on Gaia. She ended up going to earth as her parents, ashamed of their daughter, went into hiding. She ended up with Bradley of all people. and fell in love and married as shockingly the two were a perfect fit.

    Question 5- What happens in the season finale of season 1?
    Athena now Mercedes had tried to destroy the planet by draining it's magic, but thanks to the wolves getting a magic boost and Artemis's newfound grass/healing powers it overpowers her. In the huge explosion of magic a new Gaian crystal was made with a new god of Gaia as well the 9th one for the Unity/Harmony kingdom.

    Question 6- What are the gods of Gaia?
    The Gods of Gaia are the beast forms of The Gaian Crystals stones that appeared right after the famed magic comet crashed on Gaia. They are guardians to the planet, making sure that the planet does not fall apart, and are protected by the Kings of each kingdom. However their powers were nullified during the magic fight at the end of season 1, and once the fight was over they were able to appear again.

    Question7- Is this end for the story?
    No not be a long shot, there are 5 other "seasons" with a movie plot as well Season one was only extended to be longer to allow more time for the plot to progress.

    Question 8- Are we going to learn about Solaris's back story?
    The Short Answer No, however things about his past will be revealed at some point.

    Question 9- Did Solaris know about Artemis's Motivations?
    Yes he did know, he acted like he was scared when his brother went missing.

    Question 10- When is the next "Season" coming out?
    Some time in February, it could be early february or late february

    Link to Season 1 (on Weasyl with the clean PDF format) :
    Discord Server:
    Why hello again, my computer problem (which it was a battery that needed to be replaced) is now fixed. And now it's back to business the season 1 finale of the rebels of Gaia will be on January 16th 2021 and that season 2 is somewhere around the corner.

    Season 1 is the longest season of the whole series it's because it was expanded to introduce some of the characters and some mini-arc's. I hope you enjoyed reading season one of my story with future ones to come in the future.
    So I'm going to post the remaining things that needed to be posted today, and because of my computer problem, I decided to take a small break from posting until next Monday.
    Hello everyone, I haven't spoken about this but maybe the posting pattern will get interrupted later on this week because of a computer related problem I have to get it fixed.
    January 1st 2021, a date that many of us were not expecting to ever get here.

    For my general plans for this year, I'm going to keep posting the episodes of my wolf related project, and perhaps the sequel series if I feel like it.

    Other than that, there might be some time between each season and there may be something new that pops up out of nowhere during a break in a season.

    I'm not very optimistic for this year, but one thing I am looking forward to is the season finale of Season 1 and perhaps the pillowfort account creation. However i won't say when season 1 ends but it's coming up soon.
    2020 is Finally over, and even though this wasn't the greatest start of the decade, it still was a thing.
    Anyways this year was really rough, I celebrated a birthday in quarantine (and it's likely that I'll celebrate another one in quarantine again). I had lost 3 family members this year, one to covid the other two for other reasons I won't get into. I also had briefly dated someone for two months some time after my first ex but it did not work out but decided to remain friends after those two months.


    However despite those negatives there were some positives, I lost some weight I gained during 2019, and that I came out as an Asexual Biromantic and chose for the time being to be single and work on myself (which is the best option until I decide to date again). Other than that that's it for the positives, I'm not very optimistic going into 2021 (as I was very Optimistic going into the start of this year) and I'm just hoping that I don't relapse with my depression or have my anxiety go into full swing again.

    Final note-
    On February 22nd 2015, i first created my Deviantart account and started creating stories and at some point Art. It was fun, and in the following years after that I was really creative with my projects. That blissful creative fun younger self is gone, and for the past 5 years I have been relatively active on the internet and 2016 is when I first started chatting and making friends.

    What i am trying to get at?, is that all things must come to an end at some point. And on February 22nd of 2025, I'm thinking of ending being this active on the internet, it's just that I'm growing tired of this lifestyle. Even before i started doing this i was a lonely person, who spent too much on the internet more or so while I'm still doing this. I'm missing my pre-internet days like crazy, where I never had to worry about saying the wrong thing or being caught in drama because someone said my name. I have made many friends, a few exes and crushes (and a few enemies) while being online creating content and I just at some point want to move on with my life.

    So on February 22nd 2025, will be judgement day, if i will stay here creating content or leave the email attached to it and just leave my accounts alone for others to view long after i have left.

    However,if i do choose to leave creating content i'll still be active talking to others online on occasion, as i want to do better with my own life.

    Last thing-
    I'm feeling very very age insecure as if lately, and i have been feeling more comfortable saying that "I'm 20 years old" vs me saying that I'm going to be 23 next april. So at some point my accounts just may say I'm a 20 year old or a 20 something year old creating content because i feel like I'm in my late 20s to early 30s because i don't act my age, or look my age.

    Other than the following things… happy 2021 everyone.
    Hello everyone, I'm wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays, I don't have much to say other than the posting pattern will continue and that there will be episodes Christmas Eve and Christmas day (perhaps in the evening idk). Now I know I should take a break for posting stuff but really I'm not going to be doing much.
    Hey everyone i should have posted this update out yesterday but a minor mental breakdown caused me to not be in the mood to post this.
    Anyways "season 1" of the rebels of gaia is 41 episodes as originally it was way more shorter but I rewrote the season to include more things that involve the characters and the plot and different arc's of season 1. Because of how long the first season is Instead of defaulting to a Monday Wednesday Friday pattern, my calculations showed that the 1st season will not be finished posting until Late February of 2021. So for the next few weeks I will be posting an episode Monday through Friday and if nothing changes season 1 will be finished posting by the 3rd full week of January 2021.
    The other 5 seasons are obviously going to be way shorter and I will need some time to be worked on, in which more than likely there will be a week hiatus before the next season is posted. I'm also leaning on doing the same every day posting pattern if nothing changes or nothing goes wrong. (I'm also learning things in the process)
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