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  • the dark illuminate theme makes me feel like I'm on a porn website lol

    glad there's an option that's a little darker at least
    I got my first custom character commission <3

    male, rabbit, floppy ears, pastel, a heart somewhere, and slightly feminine. he will be CUTE.
    there should be an option to quick heart react images just through their thumbnail

    the hardest part about building a pc for me is getting over the anxiety of "are these parts good enough??? should I add/change something?? will this fit???????????"

    I hope everyone is doing good today

    I got no man's sky for the pc last night, so I've just been playing that. going back to console after I was used to 60fps was painful.

    And the controls also feel so wrong. I have an issue using a controller for anything that's in first person.

    debating on using textured or clean line pens  for lining

    rn the one i use is the top left, some of the others i only use for certain types of art i do... but idk i've been thinking about making my art more textured

    View attachment 13567 

    there needs to be an autistic symbol other than the puzzle piece, which has been ruined by A$.

    like, I use the rainbow infinity but that's more general mental health related... there's also the gold infinity but it feels arbitrary and not very unique.

    idk. I love how eds has the zebra symbol, but autism has more of an impact on me as a person than eds so it's more important to me I guess?

    feel like pure shit; just want to collect the entire 2020 big plush line of carebears

    I told myself I'd only get grumpy and luck, but I can't find luck anywhere; let alone the others. I got lucky and was able to get grumpy the day I found out about them but :( give me my green birthday bear

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he's gonna be here tomorrow

    i'm hoping he helps with autism and my other stuff

    literally all of his scents (that I'm familiar with lol) are ones I love

    View attachment 13398

    YOOO that fuckin slaps, im temptedddddd. *gets a weighted plushie, ignoring my weighted blanket*

    UGH I'm pretty much finished the art trade thing but we have to wait til later in oct to post :(((((((((((((((((((

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