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    Link: https://khamydrian.bandcamp.com/album/self-sabotage

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Lyrics: Waste Of Time

One by one you're dying
Like a worn out trend
The past sends you a warning
From someone's bitter end

Like the ones before me
You are bound to fall
Telling you the truth
Is just like talking to the walls

Waste of time
You are done
You've been warned
It's all gone

Memories that haunt you
Still refuse to fade
Watching from the background
Where nobody knows your name

Still somehow they come back
Asking you for more
Justify your hatred
Cause they know what you stand for

Take another step back
Time to analyze
Every shred of empathy
Corrupted by their lies

Once it's clear as water
Leave them all to die
Showing good intentions
To a crowd wearing fake eyes

It's a...

Waste of time
You are done
You've been warned
It's all gone


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