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Auction Yard

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Welcome to the Auction Yard!

Here is where you can put up horses you have up for sale and or trade!

Be polite and enjoy!

1 offer

  1. $15.00

    Alpha Adopt 15$

    Isnt he stunning? he is made off of a base by https://www.deviantart.com/horraw-x
    and a background by https://www.deviantart.com/sweetlittlevampire
    he is stunning no? Take him home! 
    Accepting payment only Via Cash app. 
    What is cashapp? Cash app is just like paypal in everyway! its simple to use! If you use
    cashapp for this adopt you will get 5$ off! making this adopt 10$! How? Its easy! 
    Cash app is a free user friendly payment sender that is found in the Apple or google play store!
    its easy! Here are the steps on where to get it and what to do.
    1. go to the Apple or google play store and search " Cash App "
    2. Download the Cash App application and make an account! ( your email and a password ) 
    3. Add a card or bank account to your account via the prompt.

    Sending payment
    1. Open the app and type in the amount you wish to send, IE 10.00 then the email of the friend or Artist they give you!
    2. Want to get 5$ right back! almost like getting 5$ off your commission!? Simply scroll to the bottom of the app and click " enter referral code " Who doesnt like cash back?! Get 5$ back from your first time using Cash app with the code you are given at sign up!
    Other fun information about Cash app!
    Cash app is the most user friendly no hidden agendas peer to peer payment on the market! You get to design your own card with emojis and your signature that is engraved with a LASER! PEW PEW! Your shiny new card is from VISA and is complete with a CHIP for your safety!
    And whats even better is that BUILT INTO your card is what is called BOOST! Boost is 10% off major names such as Mcdonalds, wendys, panera, walmart, lowes, Moes, and ALWAYS 1$ off ANY coffe item! 
    To learn more about the EPIC things you can do with your new cash app account and EPIC boost discounts please check out this incredibly informitive Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh0Qda-MdT0
    • Price: $15.00
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