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Expired RUMM 2020 Commission Sheet

Price: $18.00
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About this advertisement

If interested in a commission contact be first as there are a variety of prices


-Please read everything
-Paypal or cash.me, usd, upfront payment. I send invoices so please no e-checks
-Please note me if interested! Fill out the form if you know what you want or ask questions if not sure!
-I will provide a sketch that can be altered before I continue with the finished piece
-I work on commissions usually in order of when they were purchased, but I do alternate between them between sketch, lineart, coloring, and shading stages in order to not leave one hanging and untouched for too long. If a commission is much simpler than another it may be finished faster as well
-I try to be timely with my commissions, however I am in advanced art classes so sometimes commissions can take some time. I try to be fast but depending on my to-do list a commission can take 2-3+ months especially if fairly complex
-I don’t always update images online immediately but feel free to post your commission on your page so long as you credit back to me~
-Prices are subject to change
-ALWAYS ask if you have a question about a commission, I will keep your slot safe if you consider getting one and have not yet filled out a form, I can hold your slot for a couple days until I open it again if I get no response
-Though I am sometimes okay with written refs I really prefer images and ask that they are provided for these commissions
-Must be 18+ to order nsfw art
-10% off your commission if they are of a design you adopted from me!

I accept these commission prices for custom designs too, an additional fee will be added for designing your character, it will vary from design to design

Ref Sheets can be bought, pretty much just whatever you want on the sheet needs to be specified on the order form. Just add up what you want (ie: 3 fullbodies + 2 headshots in Simple style would be $153 just by adding everything together)
Anything on this price sheet can be added to your ref sheet~

Add ons:
You can add on some stuff like
-Multiple Characters (same price as it would be for a separate commission of that character)
-Large Props/Weapons
-Alternate Versions
But prices will change depending on what's wanted

Can/Will Draw:
-Some Mech (If its super complicated please ask me first)
-Some sex scenes
(ask if you are unsure)

LOVE drawing:
-Unique (odd or complicated) characters

Can’t/Won’t Draw: (you can always ask or send a scenario if you are unsure, I won't get upset or anything)
-Feral (it really depends, I'm just not as competent with feral builds, absolutely no nsfw feral art)
-Excessive fluids
-Extreme fetishes
-Heavy gore (I’m okay with some blood but nothing crazy)
-Extreme muscles
-Hyper, vore, diaper, underaged characters in nsfw, etc.
-Really overweight characters
-Hard drugs

(Please copy and fill out to send as a note for every commission)
Username: (and recipient if this is a gift)
Commission Type: (ie. Detailed Halfbody)
Number of Characters:
Sfw or Nsfw:
PayPal email or cash.me account:
Character Reference(s):
Commission Info: (poses, descriptions, extra info needed)
Anything extra?: (requests, questions, add-ons, reminders)

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