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    Tianti Shizhe
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    Magic and cybernetic arm, oh my!

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Mind what people do, not only what they say. Deeds will betray a lie.
  1. Tianti

    Pikachu learned Depression!

    But why? Why would you do this! ;v;
  2. It was an experiment, I swear! And that was an old microwave! The user below was banned for reposting art without a source.
  3. Tianti

    Edgy Boy

    Oh I love the colors in this!
  4. me omw to raid your fridge at 3 AM like the true mad lad that i am.

    1. Tianti


      The only things you'll find are Pb&j, and cans of Vernor's gingerale...

    2. Mementos


      i'm definitely not complaining. i'm hungry and thirsty, so anything works as long as it tastes good! hehe.

  5. I've taken several looks into this @FellFallow. I couldn't find anything that could, should, or would be causing this. I've tested in Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. I will note that since OperaGX is an early access browser, it could be having some issues itself. Sorry! Tianti
  6. Tianti

    Tianti Commission~

    Thank you so much! This is awesome ^^
  7. Oh my. I'm quite sure that'll happen.... The user below was banned for not knowing that Havarti cheese is the best cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches.
  8. Damn right. Nobody likes weak-ass coffee, and I hate coffee in general so... The user below was banned for not knowing whether to use milk or lemon in Earl Grey tea.
  9. This is a simple forum game where you ban the user below you for a random reason. I'll go first, giving an example: The user below was banned for snorting pickle juice in the server room.
  10. Tianti

    Can't see notifications

    Changed Status to Open
  11. Tianti

    Can't see notifications

    This seems to be an issue with the Commissions "Auction has Ended". Bumping this to Open until it's resolved.
  12. Tianti

    rua confused

    Oh my gods, these are precious!
  13. Tianti

    The Other Characters

    I have...a few...laying around. Gehe.
  14. This is a known issue at the moment. Working on including tags in the main search parameters.
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