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Tianti last won the day on March 26

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558 Excellent

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    @RedLeonhart of Twitter
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    Tohfu of FA/FLO

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    Classical or Heavy Metal
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    Telegram @TiantiShizhe; Discord Tianti#3564

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    Tianti Shizhe
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    Eastern Dragon
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    6' 4"
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    Magic and cybernetic arm, oh my!

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Mind what people do, not only what they say. Deeds will betray a lie.

About Me

Hi there! I'm Tianti, but I also go by Alex. I'm glad you decided to drop in, maybe you'd care to have a cup of tea?

To answer some questions:

1. I'm mated to @Ajax and @Dejen ursa, quite happily

2. No I don't RP, sorry!

3. I'm not an artist. All of my art is credited to the lovely people who make it. Speaking of, the lovely piece to the right was done by Raphial!

4. You can find me on Telegram and Discord!

Other then that, I suppose I'm just trying to get by and am doing the best I can!



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