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Mind what people do, not only what they say. Deeds will betray a lie.
  1. Tianti

    rua confused

    Oh my gods, these are precious!
  2. Tianti

    The Other Characters

    I have...a few...laying around. Gehe.
  3. This is a known issue at the moment. Working on including tags in the main search parameters.
  4. At this point no, we don't want to get involved with handling transactions between users.
  5. Hiya! Yes moderators can delete content when and where appropriate. Usually this content is in violation of the Terms of Service or the Content Upload policy. FLO keeps that content for 3 days before it's permanently deleted. Once it's permanently deleted, we cannot restore a post, however in that scenario we have no issues with the item being reuploaded. We do have other moderation tools at hand, and we do have the ability to hide posts from all but staff (which would be used in the scenario you described).
  6. Tianti

    Tianti's Adventures

    Thanks so much! You can thank @Shinkei-Shinto for designing him!
  7. Tianti

    how do I block users?

    User menu dropdown > manage ignored users.
  8. That's ok! I'll leave this open. If it happens again, let me know.
  9. Tianti

    Can't create a new album

    Changed Status to Resolved
  10. Tianti

    Can't create a new album

    Yep! I manually deleted it from the backend.
  11. Tianti

    Can't create a new album

    This is due to deleted content remaining in the system for 3 days. Acts as a buffer in case of accidentally deleted content. So if you were at capacity for albums and deleted one, you would need to wait 3 days or file a ticket to have the deleted album permanently removed earlier than that limit. Regards, Tianti
  12. @Saucy which application is this happening in? Is this Gallery? That seems extremely unusual. I'll have to look deeper into this.
  13. Imperial Spiced Chai from Teavana is one of my favorites. I also make my own Chai blends when I feel like it. Grab the herbs and black tea from the store.
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