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Mouse Paws

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Mouse Paws last won the day on October 15 2019

Mouse Paws had the most liked content!

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    pretty much everything!
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    it's too difficult to choose favorites. RemiMakes is my favorite fursuit maker though!
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About Me



I'm Mouse-paws on FurAffinity and DeviantART, Mouse_Pawbs on Twitter, and Skunksoft on Reddit!

(C) English Ivy Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13


I apologize if I don't respond to your PM!

1-on-1 convo intimidates me ; w;


(C) English Ivy Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13


she/her they/them he/him

NO roleplay

NO yiffy/nsfw interactions

YES please please critique my art ;3; I'd love to improve but i'm pretty naturally terrible with art haha qwq

Please don't be afraid to message me if I bothered you/did something dumb/etc etc! I promise I don't bite!


(C) English Ivy Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13

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