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    Likes monsters, and spicy food

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I am but a humble comic artist! I hope you'll enjoy my work! :3

About Me


Hi, I’m Ninnie or Hela! 
I'm an Alphyn (a so called wolf/dragon)! I'm good with all pronouns,
though I use she/her myself! Always happy to make new friends! 

My sona was designed by: ✨ Archivist-Kayl ✨

You can find me over at FA, as Cattsun, and on Twitter as well!




I draw various nsfw/sfw art, oc’s, comics, and furries! 
Quite often my art is erotic by nature. 

All the characters I draw are 18+, unless stated otherwise.

❤️ Support my art ❤️
with a monthly subscription on:
P a t r e o nhere, 
for both nsfw and sfw art, and my
Like the Sun Loves the Moon comic!

or S u b s c r i b e S t a rhere,
for just nsfw art!

or as one time payments:
K o - F ihere (sfw)

C o m m i s s i o n shere; 
all info in this link! I do NSFW and SFW.
As well as most if not all fetishes! Just ask!

Direct links to
Com.TOS here - 18/11/13. 
Com.Prices here - 19/6/5. 
Com.Queue here!




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