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Ciela Lithelle

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    Ciela Lithelle
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    Melanistic African Jaguar (Black Panther)
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    She's a Witch, specializing in love and protection

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Who says a little chaos and rebellion isn't good for you? I'll show them otherwise~

About Me

Call me Ciela, love <3. I'm just your average furry/hellenic witch/music producer/budding artist/InfoSec student that's planning on (and desperately hoping to) transition in the future. You can refer to me as she/he/whatever. I really don't care what I'm called, personally, but if you want to use my name, it's Ciela (see-EH-lah), though for my music I tend to go by SyntheMusic, DreadWolff Productions (though not for much longer), or CielaX. Or Akuro Zinnui, my old Sona. I've heard so many wrong versions of my name at this point XD. Regardless, it's a pleasure to meet you~

I'm a budding Witch that specializes in Love, Protection, and revenge for scorned or hurt lovers. I call upon Aphrodite Pandeimos rather often, though I'm not yet sure if she's my "matron". Outside of that, I'm a passionate musician. I've been into music for quite literally the entirety of my life, and I've performed with more instruments than I care to list here. Drum kits, Saxes, Electric Bass, and Bassoon are my primary areas of expertise, however, and I've even dove into Music Theory as of late to improve my songwriting. I have also begun teaching myself the drawn Arts, as well, and I rely mainly on Clip Studio Paint Pro for that. I believe that subjectivity is the nature of all the Arts, and they can and sometimes should be controversial if they have a meaningful message. The Arts should not be censored or cherry-picked to fit a single ideal (except in inappropriate situations like NSFW content that has a possibility of being exposed to minors/irresponsible people).

I'm currently in school working towards my Bachelor's in InfoSec/CyberSecurity. Basically, to be come a White Hat Hacker, though I consider myself much more of a grey hat, given my ideals and willingness to do certain things. I'm also a bit of an Otaku, a weapons buff, a psychology nerd (specifically when it comes to lust and kinks/fetishes)....there's a lot that I'm in to XD



Art Commissions: OPEN (DM for info)
Music Commissions: OPEN (DM for info)

Find me on:

More coming soon...


P.S: I can be a VERY massive perv/kinkster when I want to, so....be forewarned~

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