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Ciela Lithelle

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    Ask Me

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    Ciela Lithelle
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    Melanistic African Jaguar (Black Panther)
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    Female (Trans)
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    Her sweet tooth has no equal

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  1. Hello! I'm Ciela, a music producer and multi-instrumentalist from Las Vegas. I specialize in Metal and EDM, but I dabble in a lot of genres thanks to music theory. I've already posted a lot of stuff on this site under my SyntheMedia title, but I also post on YouTube and SoundCloud under the same name
  2. Did....did TOOL just make me have an emotional epiphany? Fuck...

  3. Just updated my music here. Instead of "CielaX" as the artist, it's now "SyntheMedia"

  4. One day, I want to make the hardest, dirtiest drop in existence

  5. Tfw your own song hits so hard that it leaves you with a headache >w<

  6. Description to come later
  7. Description to come later
  8. It's a pleasure to meet you all!
  9. Low-key thinking of making more dubstep remixes of video game music while I work though this writer's block

    1. Maagnatism


      literally just do it lol

  10. Considering that I'm constantly questioning and testing everything I can within the Craft, I may be coming to you pretty often XD
  11. Uploaded new music here after procrastinating for months XD

  12. Given all the new members today and all the time passed since my first one, I feel like a re-introduction is necessary: Hi Hi! You may call me Ciela. I'm a practicing witch that focuses on sigils, protection, and lovers' scorn/revenge. I work mainly under Rhiannon, Bast, and Aphrodite Pandeimos, but I'm always looking to branch out and try new things. Except Santeria and Voodo. Never touching those. I LOVE helping new witches find their path within the Caft, so if you ever have any questions, I'm always happy to help!
  13. Artist(s): Synthemedia
    I'm lookin' straight up just thinkin' 'bout Which way's in and which way's out If I go up, will I come down If I sleep tonight, I swear I'll be somewhere far from here I'll be somewhere far Somewhere in the Dark Oh, oh, I'll be somewhere in the distance Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Somewhere in the Dark
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