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    Damian ulfr
  • Species
    Canadian Grey Wolf
  • Age
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    physically male (I don't identify with labels)
  • Orientation
    more or less bisexual (I don't identify with labels)
  • Height
    6ft 2"
  • Fun Fact
    He likes to sing and do voice impressions

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The blessing of being a lone wolf, is remaining independent of the madness of the world. The curse of it is living as an outsider, looking in on and mingling with many social groups, but never feeling the sense of belonging that the others seem to share.
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    Are you a full-time artist? Is art your primary source of income? Let's come together, pick each others brains, complain about common issues with clients/commissions.

  • Open Club  ·  93 members  ·  Last active

    Welcome. This will be a club where fellow furry's can talk about their experiences, ask questions and make other trans friends. This group is lgbtq+ friendly and we welcome all. Please keep all hate and negativity out or you will be removed. Don't gate keep, don't harass, and keep is sfw please

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