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  1. Fauwcks

    Male Sona

    After about a year of thinking about it, I made a male sona for myself. The name comes from what my parents were going to name me before finding out I was a girl.
  2. Lets do the FA is down dance, once again ~o~

  3. What is art fight

    1. Shinkei-Shinto


      Art Fight is a site (artfight.net) that is basically a big art trade for a month!! They coach it in terms of a "fight", aka you "attack" someone with art and they "defend" themselves by "attacking back" with art of your characters!!

      It can be really fun or kinda tiring, depending on how you do art personally.

    2. Fauwcks


      I made an account on the site to see what its all about, but how do you pick a person to draw? Is it supposed to be random or do people only pick who they know. I barely know anyone so I don’t think anyone would pick to draw me x.x

  4. Fauwcks


    This is a really cute character X3
  5. Omfg, I didn’t know a sound played when getting a notification on this site, was weirded out for a minute there XD

    1. Tianti


      Lmfao! I'm sorry! You can change the sound too by managing the notification sound in your user dropdown!

    2. Fauwcks


      Lol, thanks! I couldnt find it in regular settings XD

  6. First time using a mass uploader thing, pretty easy to use for the most part, I’ll see if I can find more stuff to upload here 😮

  7. Fauwcks

    Baby Face

    His name is Sorral and he’s a serval
  8. Fauwcks

    Party Dress

    Characters Vienna(in white) and Karina(in black)
  9. Fauwcks


    An alt sona for myself, call her Brichu
  10. Fauwcks


    Let’s get gay Please let me know if this needs a mature filter >.>’
  11. Fauwcks

    Aruna pup

    Dumb doodle of a dumb pup
  12. Fauwcks

    Aylin bust

    Her hair is fun to play with
  13. Fauwcks

    Pup Pup

    He is a baby after all XD
  14. Fauwcks

    Anthro Fauwcks

    Fauwcks is pretty much always feral, but I decided to give anthro a try. This kinda also illustrates gender, Fauwcks is technically female but since they arent an adult artwork kind of character and are usually just an animal, I decided that Fauwcks doesnt have a true gender. So pronouns would be they/them. This is the first character I’ve used nontypical (in the ‘"normal" world I guess) pronouns for.
  15. Fauwcks

    Aruna and Aylin

    My characters Aylin and her son Aruna
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