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    Chill, Trip Hop, many types of Jazz, Worldbeat, Drum'n'bass, 90's Electronica, Psychedelic Rock
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    When I have time, I'll come up with a list. I'm obsessively into dragons, especially when drawn in a more realistic style, so I respect and revere any artist that entertains me with fantastical realism!
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    Pharaoh Hound
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    7ft at the eartips.
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    He loves climbing trees. He is an outdoors-y boy.

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Bologna, fudge & mustard... My life is being ruined by the internet!

About Me

"Bologna, fudge & mustard... My life is being ruined by the internet!"

The name Jojer is pronounced Zho-zher, the "j" sounds like the "g" in "genre".
Nicknames: Go-gurt, Yogurt, and Duck Commander.

Jojer is the anthropomorphic representation of myself, he is a golden Pharaoh Hound with pale amber eyes that shares a consciousness with a small Brown Anole lizard I like to call Sayjay(He usually perches on the neck of Jojer). Jojer resembles the Egyptian god Anubis very strongly and has more narrow and taller ears than what his breed usually carries. 
I have a western dragon named Tylos. He’s specifically an Oaceanside Drake and lives in coastal areas. Tylos is my main dragon and occupies a very pleasant space in my head. 
My older, darker, and scarier dragon is Dracotic. He isn’t around as much as he used to be in my head -but- he is still around and getting art from time to time. 

Dragons and creative creatures rock my socks. I really like to walk and I enjoy listening to Podcasts and music while I do. Happy to be outdoors. I also enjoy watching various documentaries on all sorts of scientific topics, true crime & serial killers, ancient civilizations and history. 

I listen to FurCast!

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! 
My Trainer Code is:
3497 9183 8290

Happily married in a closed relationship with Josie, my beautiful brown moo.

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