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    i have to find the original artist

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[roblox "OOF" sound effect]

About Me

⭐ Looking cool, Joker! ⭐

Joker/Akira/Ren| FTM He/Him or They/Them | Artist | Taken! ❤️

 howdy, i'm ren. i'm just your average casual trans dude that loves to draw and meet new people. i'm currently working here as a community moderator, as you can see, so i may be a tad bit busy here and there! however, you're free to leave a comment any time and i'll be sure to reply as soon as possible!

you wanna know a bit more about me? well, one of my goals in life is to move in with my lovely boyfriend (@Momentusepic) and pursue my career as a visual artist, involving 3d modeling and environments tied to the game development community.
i also reside in indiana, where i home a dog and a cat! i love my babies.
i don't have much else to say about me, but you can definitely learn about me more by talking to me!

please do not use my artwork or commissioned artwork without permission, this includes with roleplaying.

Make sure to read the Content Upload Policy and Terms of Service to remind yourself of the rules and regulations!~

  • If I sent you a message for a reminder, a moved submission, warning, or other matters, and you think this was wrongly done, feel free to respond by sending me a message about the matter! I'll gladly discuss it with you.
  • If you have an issue (whether it'd be with a staff member or you just overall need support), feel free to submit a ticket to Support.
  • For reports, please use the Report system unless if you'd like me to personally handle the issue, then PM me otherwise.
  • If it's a bug report, please use the Bug Report Forum here!

 previous profile icon was made by@ohnoitswynne
joker emoticon was made by my friend Patsybelle!

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