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Bingo last won the day on October 31 2019

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    Painful but Determined
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    The Living End
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    Discord Telegram Messenger - ask for handles.

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    He's called Bingo because it rhymes with dingo. One of the first dingo furries to exist in Australia.

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Wallet moths ate all my money...

About Me

My name's Bingo Dingo and I'm a resident of DownUnderLand, in the great little city of Brisbane.
I work part-time and have full-time bills, and a Casual social-life.
My life is wrought with busy-ness, so I don't get much time to draw, so uploads might be a little sparse.
Sorry.. can't help that.
I enjoy doing things and eating food, along with drinking liquids. The toxic sort are rather fun, but I enjoy water, tea, orange juice and coffee the most =3

Commissions might show up sometime in the future, but for now, I draw for the fun of it~
Really want to get back into those roots that started me on this journey.

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