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    Optimistic ✨
  • Favorite Music Genre
    Pop, Electronic, Movie and video game soundtracks
  • Favorite Artist
    Justmegabenewell, DaftPatriot, Marlon.Cores, Darkgem
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    Here, Twitter, or FurAffinity!

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    Young Adult
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    160 cm (5'3'')
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    I created him wayyyyyy before being a furry and then repurposed him because he's my favourite character of mine ✨

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About Me

Heya, I'm Ahnik!

I'm an artist, making art and memes! I don't put out finished pieces as often as I wish I
could, but I put what time I can into them and experiment with different styles
because I love variety.

I like scalies of all kinds, bright colors, sweets, DICKS, and wayyyy too many kinks to list.
If something is kinky, odds are I'm into it! I have a chronic addiction to the ✨ emoji;
please send help.

Comments on my art are awesome and always valued! ^^ I can't always reply to all of
them but each and every one gets read and appreciated.

In a galaxy far, far away from the furry-verse, I'm a programming/IT guy who works at
a call centre for a medical tech company. I'm super into Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda,
the various Mario RPGs, and all kinds of puzzle games in the vein of The Room,
The Talos Principle, and The Turing Test. I love reading fantasy novels and graphic novels
such as Wings of Fire, The Inheritance Cycle, Death Note, The Promised Neverland,
and Skulduggery Pleasant. As for music, I'm mostly into pop and movie/game
soundtracks, but no genre is really off-limits to me and I like stuff all across the board.

I'm usually up to chat, but life keeps me busy so I won't always be able to respond right
away. Thanks in advance for your patience to anyone that tries to get in contact. ^^


My commission status, prices, terms of service, how-to-order, and queue
are all viewable at any time on my Trello board!

ko-fi Donations and tips are always greatly appreciated~! ko-fi

Sites I'm On

FurAffinity - My main gallery with everything!
Twitter - Art, socials, memes, and updates!
Twitter Gallery Telegram Channel - Art tweets ONLY!
Trello = My commission info and prices!
Picarto - Watch me stream!

Pillowfort - Gallery #2 with all my stuff!
e621 - Gallery #3 with just my best stuff!
DeviantArt - Gallery #4 with just my SFW stuff!
Curious Cat - Ask me anything!
Ko-fi - Support me by donating!

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