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wah im peebis
  1. Felix


  2. im never active its a sin 😔

    1. Mementos


      i'm calling the police, you committed a crime. sinning is illegal. 😔

    2. Felix



  3. Ive never tried it lmao the user below was banned for mario kart drifting on their face around the corner at me
  4. cmon baby dont fear the reaper

  5. Felix


  7. @Kaarma @filthygod @SSUNDIALL I getcha, a lot of emo dog designs do tend to have really intricate designs and I honestly refuse to draw them KDHSKJDS @God I absolutely get where you're comin from tbh. I get if someone sees a cute animal and is like :0 i gotta make an oc outta that or if theyre trying to get more species into a world but there's also gotta be something that provides connectivity, thats part of the reason I have nothing but cats and dogs, is because I can't seem to get the right connectivity with anything other than that. SSUNDIAL and Kaarma I also get the bad color combos thingy. Irks me when greens and purples are paired together on something that isnt purple covered in moss or something that indicates gross things LOL @WickedCityy @Pirooky lol tattoos irk me too. Tattoos are their own art pieces, so when put on something other than a flat canvas then it's a good idea to have a flat canvas version or as Pir said, a side view as well. With tattoos on fur I just convince myself that the animal is either furless or bleached and dyed that specific spot of their fur for some reason. Kinda?? gets the irkiness off, but they doesnt mean they dont still bother me LOL @PigInAnInkwell I absolutely get you on that! I do like some rainbow accents and more than 40% rainbows tend to really only work on sparkle dogs. I have 1 rainbow sparkle dog OC and she's meant to be complete eye bleed so the rainbows work @Altoviireo OOF rosettes are the death of me, theyre hard to get accurately unless youre an artist who pays insane attention to detail and can draw a piece in a span of 2 hours @BigBlueGhost gradients actually dont irk me that bad, I tend to just make a base color layer, grab the airbrush tool, make a layer over it and turn clipping on, but if you use something like MS pain(t) I can understand where gradients would irk @FluffyFoxOfFate having a striped character should absolutely help with that! I used to redo stripes 30 times before they were right @bullterror1 OOF i get what you're saying, like sun glasses with transparency and you get commissioned to draw those glasses but there's no color indication?
  8. I wanna know design pet peeves of your guys'! What is something thats on some designs that you absolutely dislike drawing and it's an "I kinda gotta do it though" For me, personally it's light colors that are very similar to each other, like a white and a very very light cream or a white and a very very very light grey.
  9. @Altoviireo ooo I'd love to see some of those designs @lattekit I love plushpon! and monster echo looks rather familiar lol as well as odvunir @MonsterRage twinsharks is a really good person! I art fought them one here ahehe! And same honestly, I also didn't realize how many of my favorite designers are friends!
  10. ah shit
    here we go again

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Felix


      @Skunk yeah lol! just some drama on another site popping up and making me go ">-> again?"

    3. Mouse Paws

      Mouse Paws

      @Felix ahh >< yeah they say 'high school never ends' for a reason >W>;; 

    4. Felix


      @Skunk LOL ur not wrong, man

  11. @isthisezmode its good to love your own designs! and same, I dont truly care about designers in specifics, if i like a design i like a design. But yea! I started this thread because i wanna see what different artists i havent been made aware of are out there! @brat I like a few of Zenhya's designs as well! @Lahore oooo Ive seen a few Japanda designs scattered about and they are really nice! the name DragonPunk interests me a lot lo, I'll check them out when i have more time! @JIBBLYCOWS I don't often bother too much with looking at designers either, but I mainly listed my friends above tbh LOL
  12. damn, etika's passing sucks major ass
    rip my dude, I'm sorry only so few saw your signs
    I'm sorry the mental hospital you were in didn't do enough to help you stop the manic episodes
    you'll be remembered bro



      mental hospitals need stricter regulations to make sure theyre not doing more harm than good. ive been in one a few times and theres a significant chunk of the staff that are just bitter and mean to patients.

    2. Felix


      even so, people with mania do not want to take their medss
      you have to get them in the habit of doing it
      it takes 21 days to make a habit, but etika wasnt there for 21 days, or if he was then he didnt have enough time strill, because mania can last for weeks

  13. @ssundiall damn, those are all hella interesting, and I realized a lot of bug themes up in there
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