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    Happy and Mischievous
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    Death Metal, Electronic Music
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    Taurin Fox, Rukis, Blotch

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    Fennec/Husky (Fensky)
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    Younger then RL not telling :P
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    What ever pins me down.
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Don't Panic I Got This.
  1. If I could travel anywhere like right now I would go to the Fushimi Inari Shrine again for a week or so. Then go to Norway and backpack the land of my family and learn more of my history.
  2. I have played a few in my lifetime but my all time favorite was Star Wars Galaxies. I am currently playing ESO and working on a concept for a MMORPG. So far I have played, Ultima Online, EQ, EQII, Anarchy Online, Ragnarok, EVE, SWG, WoW, Matrix Online, D&D online, Tabula Rasa, STO, SWTOR, Secret World, Defiance, FFXIV, ESO, WildStar, Star Citizen....
  3. Word of muzzle from a friend, I stopped in and loved the set up.
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