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    dumb emo shit, classic rock, terraria if that's... a genre? idk man lmao my taste is everywhere
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    every artist is cool ii think
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    discord - Sunsetter#2296 - dm's and friend requests open :)

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    Print Veil (OLD ART)
  • Species
    Demon Rodent Hybrid
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    5'9 (As Solar, over 8')
  • Fun Fact
    He was originally sacrificed to a shadow cult, so there's that. Solar Veil is the demon alter-ego :)

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  1. sunsetter

    pictures of my fursona

    most are drawn by me if i have not drawn i will credit! his name is print and he is- weird
  2. this is my friends characters or also characters i see and think are groovy
  3. 20201017_192036.jpg?width=683&height=513

    oh boy time for colors! i enjoy colors

  4. work in progress :)


  5. i'm doing art and i'll post it later! in the mean time i will send art i have done already i did a few drawings yesterday my friends have nice characters i will explain in post description

  6. yay time to do art :))

  7. im drawing my little pony art

  8. sunsetter

    hey, i'm new

    you can call me print! i'm a hamster-demon furry and this isn't my character, but it is my art. i have requests open right now to get my name out there! i'll do a finished piece like this, and all you have to do is credit me if someone asks you who did it :)
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