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    dumb emo shit, classic rock, terraria if that's... a genre? idk man lmao my taste is everywhere
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    every artist is cool ii think
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    discord - Sunsetter#2296 - dm's and friend requests open :)

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    Print Veil (OLD ART)
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    Demon Rodent Hybrid
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    5'9 (As Solar, over 8')
  • Fun Fact
    He was originally sacrificed to a shadow cult, so there's that. Solar Veil is the demon alter-ego :)

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    An official club made for furries that are on the Autism Spectrum, by a furry on the Autism Spectrum! Let's use this as a safe place to discuss the things that make us unique, struggles we might be facing, and as a chance to make friends with other autistic individuals! Please be kind to each other.❤️

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