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    Me :3
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    @ pumpkinpastas (twitter)

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    they/them , eye/eyes, [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]'s
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    Glass Animals
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    Durke#7419 [ONLY FOR COMM INQUIRIES]. DM me on twitter if you wanna chat or get a comm!

Fursona Information

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  • Name
  • Species
    Shapeshifting dromaesaurid
  • Age
    Unknown but a teenager
  • Gender
    no gender only raptor
  • Orientation
  • Height
    Can change, usually 3 ft
  • Fun Fact
    They are a shapeshifter and can turn into almost any vertebrate! Even mythological creatures and kaiju!

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  1. Hey hey heyy! I made my pfp into a ych so if you want one you can check it out in the sales forum here!

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