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    me >:3
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    Ask Me

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    I enjoy everything except rap, country and classical. Weakness for emo rock and lyricless dubstep/EDM
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    gender is for plebs
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    6ft at the shoulder
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    they're not Technically my fursona, they're an aesthetic character, but I use them as a sona because why the fuck not

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You don't have to be faster than the bear, you just have to be faster than the other guy

About Me

Heather | he/him | adult

INTP | neutral evil | rogue extraordinaire

Aspiring author/graphic novelist currently struggling with writers' block; draws dumb furries to pass the time

I like cats, vaporwave, and solitude

FurAffinity | Toyhou.se | ArtFight | RedBubble | AO3NaNoWriMo | Twitter 

I do art for Ganz eStore points! Ask me about prices if you're interested

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