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    Ask Me

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    uhm I like,, the punk musics and the vocaloid musics and what genre does Snail's House make? Some emo music is pretty cool too
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    DAIHATSU MIRA Cocoa SNOW MIKU #5842 on Discord

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    5'4' '
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    "I can't get up, I'm gay"

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Everyone loves a trainwreck except when they're on board.

About Me

Candy | She / Her | Disaster angel

Hi everyone! I'm Candy, I draw things with bright and pastel colours (and some black because we love black). I am very much a cat yea all my sonas are cats. I love alternative fashion and music, I draw with a blue crayon while listening to MCR :3

You are free to draw any of my OCs, if I've got some free time I will do some art for you in return!


If I'm not typing in this shade of blue, IT'S NOT ME!!!

my dA    my TH

I draw with a trackpad and USB mouse. (I love laptops hjdhfjhg) I use Krita! For traditional art I use a sketchpad, faber-castel pencils, assorted pencil crayons and offbrand copics.

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