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  1. I found it after seeing a lot of people post about it on DA! I decided to check it out and am liking it so far!! ^___^

    For You

    Artwork for others. The artwork should only be used by the person receiving it.


    This album contains content I have created and allowed for free use.
  4. Type: 1x1/Literate Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Dystopian. Location: FLO Messages or Amino (can link). Info: Don't rush me for replies unless I've been dead for a few days and respect my boundaries. I had an RP plot I created for a user on Amino before they went completely dead without ever responding to it. So, I might as well introduce it here for potential partners! This is the character I'll be using ---> https://toyhou.se/2856149.alexander This is the plot + starter ---> https://toyhou.se/2856149.alexander/4413978.roleplaying-ideas
  5. Welcome to Descriptive Roleplay Recruitment This forum was created for recruitment for descriptive roleplays. This can range from semi-literate to literate to advanced literate! Advertisements can be posted here if you're looking for people and write at your own pace, don't worry about trying to jump into anything. Rules The bold is where the important parts are if you don't feel like reading it all. 1. Descriptive roleplay advertisements only! One-liners are not accepted in this club. If you are looking for more free reign in roleplays, please visit this roleplaying club instead. ---> https://furrylife.online/clubs/152-furs-roleplay/ <--- 2. No roleplaying in this forum as this forum is for recruitment and advertising roleplays. 3. Talk in Messages about your roleplay if you're interested/accepted! It's to keep the forum clean and clutter free for more ads. 4. No NSFW/18+ roleplays. This is a 13+ group meaning minors are here. Keep it PG-13. 5. If you're ad includes sensitive topics, put a content/trigger warning. 6. Do not be rude or harass your fellow roleplayers! Whether you do this because they no longer want to RP with you or are slacking with their literacy, YOU DO NOT ATTACK THEM! If any rules should be added or a F.A.Q. needs to be created, just ask or discuss with me privately! Form It may seem silly to have a form, but it's to keep the forum neat and clean and get as much information out to members as we can! It's straight to the point, and you might have a simpler chance of getting someone to take interest. Type: [1x1 or GROUP / semi-li, literate, etc.] Genre: [Romance, Action, Fantasy, etc.] Location: [FLO Messages, New Topic, Discord, etc.] Info: [Your personal RP rules and information (optional)] [Describe your RP idea, preferences or a starter (optional)] Other: [Any other information (optional)] Advertise Those Roleplays! And have fun! itty bitty shelf by dianthus-alphinus (Deviantart)
  6. aaaa hello! I'm black and hispanic 8D
  7. I don't really know? I don't really pay attention to designers, mostly the design and I rarely bother looking into who made it. I like Rottinfruit/Labrynthh designs for their anatomy and creativity, however they've been caught in a loop of making designs that repeat each other, but they've been getting out of that with their recent adopts!
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