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Everything posted by 6luestar

  1. 6luestar


    From the album: Friends! (Let's B honest tho)

    sketch for my sis of her oc
  2. 6luestar

    Ying n Skye

    From the album: Paladins

    and also Ying and Skye from the sims save
  3. 6luestar


    Paladins fanart
  4. 6luestar


    From the album: Paladins

    I made a bunch of Paladins in a sims save Androxus and Sha Lin are really cute
  5. 6luestar

    Kirby Dango

    He looks like one ♥ Available as Pins and more! https://t.co/bhFiQC3Xvs?amp=1
  6. 6luestar

    Warrior Cats

    Fanart of WC (I'll organize later its a lot x.x)
  7. 6luestar


    From the album: Warrior Cats

    was v inspired to do a shoujoflight :3
  8. From the album: Collabs n Trades

    My half of a trade with @Wickedcityy ^^
  9. 6luestar

    Tyrone Ref

    From the album: Tyrone (and sometimes friends!)

    New updated reference for Tyrone my fursona
  10. 6luestar

    Tyrone (and sometimes friends!)

    Me and pals or just me!
  11. Gonna stream for a bit tonight, I won't be on for more than 2 hours but theres stuff I wanna start getting done. I'll post in like 10 minutes! ^^

  12. 6luestar

    Tiny Ty

    From the album: Tyrone (and sometimes friends!)

    a lil dude for streams
  13. From the album: Completed Commissions

    Thanks for buying!!
  14. Anybody would like 2 art trade?? Will have some free time coming up soon

    1. WickedCityy


      I'm interested if you are!

    2. 6luestar


      @WickedCityy Yeah totally! Message me?

  15. 6luestar


    All Splat stuff
  16. 6luestar


    From the album: Splatoon

    Am cryin bc Im actually proud of this :B
  17. 6luestar

    Cedar ref

    From the album: Warrior Cat OCs

    My main OC Cedarpelt
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