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    Telegram - @KnightOfMarble / Discord - Rayd#2199

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    Rayd Revery
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    Maned Wolf
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    Has a hidden, locked potential...

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I think I learned my lesson.

About Me

Howdy everyone!~
My name is Slip, but I also respond to "Rayd", my fursona's name!

I'm a punk with a lot of outlandish dreams and a foggy past to boot. As a guy who makes having 
hobbies his hobby, I have a vast number of interests, and I'm always finding myself into new things,
but there's nothing I love more than meeting new people! I live off of passion, affection and 
memories; Achieving my goals and overcoming my everyday obstacles is one of the greatest feelings 
in the world to me, falling second to creating lasting bonds with those I care about. I've learned a 
lot over my course of being apart of this fandom, and I can only hope that I continue to make more 
amazing friends in the future! Don't be afraid to contact me!

You'll find that I'm the biggest/edgiest metalhead ever, and a very avid watcher of professional wrestling and player of video-games! I'm into a whole bunch of nerdy stuff as well, but why don't you find out for yourself? Come chat with me! ❤️ 

Telegram - @KnightOfMarble
Discord - Rayd#2199


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