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  1. FluffyFoxOfFate

    My Artfight drawings

    Drawings I made for other people in Artfight.
  2. Recently been playing a lot of A Hat in Time. Been trying to beat all the Death Wish levels, it's been a slow progress trying to be those challenges. Also been having a lot of fun playing the modded levels.
  3. FluffyFoxOfFate

    Boxing Art

    Any art of characters boxing.
  4. Personally I'm not a fan of drawing stripes all that much. Mostly just because I usually get them wrong the first time and have to redraw them. But I did make a character specifically with stripes to get me passed that and get better with them. So here's to hoping it helps. ^^
  5. I'm excited for Artfight. The last two years I was in it I didn't do much at all, so hoping this time around I'll be more active in it.

  6. https://artfight.net/~FluffyFoxOfFate I chose Team Nightmare. I really need to work on my profile soon and add some more characters on there. ^^'
  7. I personally like Scorbunny and if I end up getting Sword and Shield I'll probably pick him as my starter. Of course my choice might change later once I see what the final evoultions look like. ^^'
  8. I saw a few people mention about this site in status update posts on DA so I decided to check it out.
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