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    Clowbi sincerely believes you deserve to feel happy & safe 💙

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Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end. - John Lennon

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In the middle of a move and getting ready to start my commissions up again~  It'll take a while but I'm having lots of fun!  Will have VERY slow response time!

I'm working very hard on my artwork and networking currently~! 

Any and all support is greatly appreciated!



Clowbi can be adapted for any setting. He was born in a homebrew realm in D&D 5e, so fantasy settings suit him more naturally. 
Clowbi has lived a long life. He began with a peaceful and rather sheltered childhood. His decision to become a cleric of Eldath changed his life entirely. He has been through a great deal. He has gone from a frail, sickly, cowardly boy—to an extremely powerful man of the cloth who has conquered his fears and lived through the deaths of many loved ones. While his life hasn’t been easy, he has met wonderful friends and made a very enjoyable life for himself. He still fights in the name of his goddess, hoping that he can make the world a kinder and more peaceful place. The boy is still quite bitter from some of his experiences and traumatized by others—but he has refused to give in to these feelings. 

Clowbi’s personality varies wildly depending on what age he is being played in. There are a few things that never change though: 
He is a soft and kindhearted boy who honestly wishes only the best for the world. He is a little too compassionate and easy to take advantage of (but is doing his best to work on this--- he would rather be hurt than turn his back on someone who truly needs him). He doesn’t view sex as a sin—as a matter of fact, his mana grows and fluctuates more when he can meld with other beings. He prefers to end conflict with affection and healing. 
He’s not particularly close-minded, he has been extremely close friends with a necromancer since early in his journey and this helped him to understand some of what people consider to be “dark magic”. He’s also met plenty of lovable demons and devils—he will always give others the benefit of the doubt. 

About Clowbi 

💙 Age 26 (Always the same age as my physical body IRL. Sfw rp age can be as low as 15; NSFW rp age can be 18 min and multiple hundreds max, lol) 

💙 Pansexual disaster 

💙 Gender-fluid 

💙 Preferred pronoun order: he/him, they/them, she/her 

💙 Polyamory, 1 long-distance relationship, 1 developing mate, and an ever-growing harem of beloved friends & lovers ^0^/ 

💙 Proficient in shape-shifting magic, prefers to take a form close to his original body (short femboy~) 

💙 Moderately traumatized but recovering lil angel 


💙 S o f t 

💙 Switch (generally prefers to sub, but often gets dominant towards adorable lads & ladies... and sometimes to doms that have overstepped their bounds~ 

💙 Sick of the loyal butler character betraying their traumatized lords? S A M E. We're doing the opposite with Clowbi and Lealta~ Going to start off frustrated & grow to truly care for his lord~ 


















Dating sim YCH - neflovira.png

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